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Gaming: Pokemon Go Begins Johto Rollout

After rumors and leaked announcements suggested December 12th would be the day of a Pokemon Go update, the day has come, and with it a handful of new Pokemon. While it’s not the full Gen 2 release fans were hoping for, it’s a start that’s setting the way for more.

According to an announcement from Niantic Labs, Pokemon Eggs may now contain Pokemon from the second generation of games, Gold, Silver, and Crystal versions, from the Johto region. The video showed Pichu and Togepi, leading to the natural conclusion that the other Johto Pokemon released are the other “baby” forms of first generation Pokemon: Cleffa, Igglybuff, Smoochum, Elekid, Magby, and Tyrogue. Reports are slowly coming out of players finding the above (although no Tyrogue have been found as of this post), so trainers can start finding new eggs to hatch.

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While this isn’t the full set of Johto Pokemon, it’s a start, and we can expect to see more be added to the game over time. Data mining after a recent update revealed that the data for all the Johto Pokemon exists within the game, so their rollout is underway. Whether we’ll get the full extended Pokedex next or the new evolutions first has yet to be seen, but players are ready.

Additionally, Pokemon Go’s holiday event has begun, with a special Pikachu available to catch in the wild. What makes this Pikachu so special? Why, it has a Santa hat, of course! And yes, its evolved form, Raichu, does have a hat as well. The event is running now until the 29th, so there’s plenty of time to find those Pikachu and hatch the new eggs.

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