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Gaming: Pokemon Sun and Moon Demo Reveals Game Secrets

With Pokemon Sun and Moon a month away, Nintendo has released a playable demo on the eShop. Not only does this provide an early experience for the seventh generation Pokemon games, but there’s a wealth of new information hidden within.

The demo game begins with the usual introduction; as the male player character, Sun, you’ve just moved in to Alola from the Kanto region (that is, the region the first generation games were set in). With a Greninja in hand, you go out and meet some of the characters you’ll encounter throughout Sun and Moon versions, fight Team Skull, and take on an island challenge. Along the way, players get to try out several of the game’s new mechanics, such as Z-Moves, Totem Pokemon, and riding on Pokemon.

Upon completing the demo, players can send the Greninja they used to their copies of Pokemon Sun and Moon, once the games come out. Additionally, smaller challenges people can play each day will also provide smaller item rewards that they can also transfer to the main games.

There are some small mechanical changes as well. For instance, a trainer can only carry six Pokemon at a time; normally catching a seventh means the new one is instantly sent back to the PC. However, in the demo, catching a seventh Pokemon lets you send any Pokemon in your team to the PC instead (although it’s now using nature instead of PCs to store Pokemon, it seems), allowing players to rotate out Pokemon that have been KO’d as they catch new ones.

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However, players have also managed to mine the game’s data to discover some new secrets about the game. This includes the final evolutions of the starter Pokemon, new Alola Forms (such as the Alola Form Dugtrio that players have begun encountering), and all the Ultra Beasts that players will encounter in the game. Given that Nintendo has not intended to reveal this new information, however, we will not detail anything aside from Alolan Dugtrio’s flowing golden locks.

There’s certainly more secrets to be found in the Pokemon Sun and Moon demo, which we’ll be finding in the days to come. While the full games will come out November 18th, you can download the demo from the 3DS eShop now.

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