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Key Video Game Statistics for 2019

If you are a gamer then we have something for you. The folks over at have put together some “Key Video Game Statistics for 2019.” Below are just a few, be sure to head over to to read them all.

Mobile Games
Mobile is the largest gaming platform, accounting for 51% of global revenue in 2018. This is expected to climb to 54% in 2019, 57% in 2020, and 59% by 2021. Basically, this means that mobile gaming will be a $100Bn market by 2021. (6)

It’s worth noting that the rise of mobile games has impacted, but not significantly gutted the console and PC industry, which also saw their own growth – just at a much smaller growth rate than mobile gaming.
Console and PC Games

PC and console games saw a 3.1% and 2.3% revenue growth in the past decade, respectively. PC games are expected to account for 24$ of the market in 2019, and consoles will take 22%. (6)

PC game revenue in the esports market will likely not see significant growth, as most of the popular PC games are operating at their maximum monetization potential. Furthermore, it’s unlikely that any new PC games will sweep the market. There’s also been a decline in average price for pay-to-play PC titles, as well as significant backlash against the freemium model.

Consoles, on the other hand, have the potential to significantly increase esport revenue, as live streaming console titles is becoming more popular. By 2021, the console market could reach $39Bn, in part thanks to console gamers embracing live streaming and esports.
Browser Games

An oft-ignored category are “browser games” (video games played in a web browser), which are usually lumped in with the PC game market. However, we will separate browser games from the PC game market, because browser games are highly cross-platform compatible.
In 2017, browser games accounted for $4.5Bn of the overall market, or around 4% (7). However, browser games are expected to decline to around $2.5Bn by 2021, as many browser games (and browser game titles) transition to mobile. In fact, many popular mobile games are strongly based on browser titles, or mobile versions of games that were originally developed for PC browsers.

Exact numbers for browser-based game revenue is a bit difficult to track, as only a very tiny percentage of browser games rely on a freemium model. It is mostly browser-based MMOs that offer in-app purchases. The majority of browser-based games rely on traffic and ad revenue.

Apex Legends: 156,183 average viewers

League of Legends: 135,236 average viewers

Fortnite: 130,615 average viewers

CS: GO: 87,472 average viewers

Dota 2: 85,684 average viewers

Overwatch: 48,969 average viewers

PubG: 26,094 average viewers

Grand Theft Auto V: 24,346 average viewers

Twitch streamers make roughly $2.50 per month per channel subscription, as the subscription cost of $4.99 is split either 50/50 or 60/40 between Twitch and the streamer. The split scales in favor of the streamer with viewership.

Twitch streamers can also monetize their channels through donations (which go entirely to the donor), ad revenue, and sponsorships. There are many variables involved, so it is nigh impossible to calculate an “average” income for Twitch streamers. We can, however, offer a look at the approximate incomes of top Twitch streamers, based on the various metrics mentioned above. (12)

Ninja: $5,417,447/yr

Shroud: $3,193,097/yr

TimTheTatman: $2,770,287/yr

DrLupo: $1,963,700/yr

DrDisRespectLIVE: $1,791,453/yr

MOONMOON_OW: $1,726,966/yr

AdmiralBahroo: $1,688,351/yr

Sodapoppin: $1,666,707/yr

LIRIK: $1,545,598/yr

Tsm_Myth: $1,330,275/yr

See all the statistics here.

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