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‘Kingdom of Night’ Action RPG Kickstarter

If you’re a fan of ‘Stranger Things’, all things 80’s, and video games then you’ll want to scope out ‘Kingdom of Night’. This upcoming retro action RPG has been described as ‘Diablo’ meets 1980’s suburbia.

Players take on the role of a character named John during the 80’s in an Arizona small town and must rescue his neighbor Ophelia who has been kidnapped by a satanic cult who has unwittingly summoned the demon Baphomet. Choose from three different specializations, each with three classes.


The ‘Kingdom of Night’ kickstarter is now up and running with perks such as the game itself, digital soundtrack, a printable Dungeon Master screen, custom dice, design an in-game avatar, 3D printed figure, and more! The game will be coming to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, the Switch, and PC. Check out the announcement trailer below!

[Source: Kickstarter]
Trust Me, I'm a Superhero

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