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Last Pup Standing Game Review

If you are a dog lover like we are, then we have a game for you. Last Pup Standing is a game card game you will not want to miss!



When we first sat down to play Last Pup Standing we were expecting a fun theme and mediocre gameplay, we were wrong. The theme is great, the art fits the theme good. The gameplay was what you would want from a card game like this. The goal of the game is simple, build your puppy army, and protect your bones. You start by making two decks, one of bones cards and one with puppies and specials, you then also get your bone chips ready. The bone chips are used “as change” in the game, players will pay each other the difference of bones from the card actions using them. Players are each dealt five cards from each deck. On your turn you have four options of play: play a puppy card, play a special card, play a puppy and a special card together, or pass your turn. The game continues until one player remains as the only one with bones.


The Good:

For us, as you all know, the doggo theme is always a hit. Last Pup Standing is fun and fast-paced. Once you understand the rules a fast game to pick up, easily enough for kids to understand. The art is fun.

The Not So Good:

There really was not much “Not So Good.” The game plays and lives up to expectation on what it promises.

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If you are looking for a fun easy to learn fast-paced game about doggos, then you will want to pick up Last Pup Standing! The game has a bit of strategy and some “take that” providing fun for all players.

Last Pup Standing Game Review

Gameplay - 6.8
Art - 7
Replay-ability - 7
Components - 7


7 is "Very Good."

The game delivers on all its promises! Definitely recommend Last Pup Standing for the dog lover and game players in your life! See our review rating rubric above under reviews on the menu

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