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Mob Sitters Game Review

Mob Sitters is an upcoming card game from East Street Games that has you playing as a babysitter for the mob.

About Game:

The toughest job in babysitting

You’re a greedy babysitter working for the mob. Steal from your boss, avoid the law, don’t get caught. Turn in your rivals to become the kingpin babysitter.

Mob Sitters is a fun and simple card game where you try to gain the most money while avoiding the prison sentence or the wrath of the mafia boss.

  • 3 to 8 Players
  • 6 minutes per player (Average play time 30 mins)
  • Age 9+


How the game works

Deal a hand of 6 cards from your player deck. On your turn play 3 cards onto your mat.

Job cards and steal cards allow you to earn money, so if these are still left on your mat at the start of your next turn, you get to put these into your safe.

There are also cards such as ‘Rat on ‘em’ which you use to accuse someone of their wrong doings. If this is resolved that players money they would have earnt immediately goes to their relevant ‘Cops’ or ‘Boss’ pile

But be careful, they may have something to push the blame back onto you

At the end of the game whoever has the most in their Boss pile is knowcked out of the game because the boss caught them, then whoever has the most in the cops pile is out of the game because they have been caught by the cops. The player left in the game then total up what’s in their safe to see who’s won.



Let me start out by saying the copy we received is a prototype and some components were not ready, so the final version of the game will have some changes and good components. OK, now that I have that out of the way, Mob Sitters is fun fast-paced card game about playing a babysitter for the mob. In the game, players will each receive a playmat and corresponding deck of 20 cards. Each player shuffles their deck and draws 6 cards. In the finished game, each player will also take an “agenda” card and not share its details with any other player, and place it facedown next to their matt. Play then starts with all player pointing to who they think looks most likely to work for the mob, the player that is most likely to work for the mob then starts the game. On your turn, players will start by discarding any face-down cards in front of them, then play 3 cards from their hands into play area of the matt in front of them, then resolve any faceup “accusation” cards, then finish their turn by drawing 3 new cards from their deck. After the first turn the sequence remains the same but start with two new steps, first you will place “earnt money” into the safe, and then flip over and resolve accusation cards, and then repeat the steps in the first round. The game ends the 6th round when players only have two cards left, and finish resolving any accusations and discarding. 


The game end results:

The Good:

The art lends itself to the theme perfectly. The theme is a fun take on the “mob” stereotype. The game has a small footprint while packaged making it an easy travel game.  The games fast-paced nature make it a great filler game on game night in between other games.

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The Not So Good:

The “Not So Good” for Mob Sitters would be just basic prototype issues of being not finalized in the version we played and will all be taken care of for production version! We definitely recommend checking out Mob Sitters.


If you are looking for a fun filler game for game night, then Mob Sitters is for you.

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** Note**

As the version we received is a prototype, some components were not finished/ready. We did receive PnP version of the missing components but our printer left some unsightly lines on the mats so we opted out of sharing those images, until we go and get them printed properly as our first prints were fine to play with but did not do the rest of the received components justice.


Mob Sitters Game Review

Gameplay - 7.4
Components - 7
Art - 7.3
Replay-ability - 7
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