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Movie Empire Is Up On KickStarter

Do you have what it take to be the top film producer in Hollywood? Well, you can find out in Movie Empire. The game is a mix of worker placement and set collection for 1-4 players.


Welcome to the world of Mr. Bartholomew Grumpy, the most prolific producer in Hollywood. In Movie Empire you are a junior producer working for Mr. Grumpy while competing with other players to be the heir to his throne. You do this by producing movies (a few big blockbusters or several small trash movies) and releasing them at the right time in the right market to hit trends and get awards. Don’t forget to keep an eye on pleasing your boss as this will have an influence on your assets.

Movie Empire

Game Information:

Movie Empire is a mix of worker placement and set collection for 1-4 players. And as Hollywood is a shark tank, you have 2 styles of play with the (completely optional!) black dossier variant, that adds a take that mechanic to the gameplay. Let the clubbing and stabbing commence!

Movie Empire

Be sure to head over to KickStarter To learn more and pick up a copy of the game for yourself today!

KickStarter Information:

Pleadges range from 1$ and up, with the base game and extras at the $39 mark.


Rule Book:

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