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New Playstation 4 Models Announced

Sony has announced that they will be releasing a new PlayStation 4 model this summer. There are some slight changes coming to the console, such as the fact that it will cut the power consumption of the console by 8% and will weigh 10% less. The surface of the console’s HDD bay cover also now comes in a matte finish “giving the system a more casual look”.

The new PS4’s hard drive still will use the standard 500GB. Eurogamer does say, though, that Sony confirmed that there will be a 1TB PS4 that uses the older, original PS4 architecture. The site reports that “the revised hardware coming to Japan at the end of the month is different. If and when it will arrive here Sony Europe couldn’t say.”

It’s safe to assume that North America will eventually get a console with a larger hard drive soon as well to accommodate gamers whose hard drive space is shrinking.


There’s no change in the cost. The console will cost €399/$399 just like it did when it launched in 2013. That’s interesting to hear as the price of the Xbox One has gone down in price since it launched, from $500 to $350.

PlayStation UK executive Fergal Gara talked about why cutting costs is dangerous earlier this year:

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“Any price war in any sector in any market can be dangerous. If there is a race to zero, who wins from that? We are proud that we managed to launch at a very competitive price, and demand has held up very strongly for PS4.

“Therefore, our RRP on day one is our RRP today. Yes, there are promotions that offer consumers better value from time-to-time, but it’s great that we managed to start at such a great price and it has held well.”

All that matters is that they’re still raking in the cash. They are confident that people will buy their product regardless of it being more expensive than the Xbox One.

The new model will be available in both black and white, but there’s no word on whether or not that applies worldwide. The only way we can get a white console in the U.S. right now is to buy the limited edition Destiny bundle.

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The new PS4 model is due at the end of June in Japan. It will then arrive in North America, Europe, and other Asian countries later on.


Also announced, the PS4 Slim will allegedly feature improved hardware and refined looks to further expand its player base and offer players a better gaming experience. The wheels might be already set in motion secretly behind closed doors by Sony developers, and it’s possible that next year’s  Electronic Entertainment Expo will serve as an ideal presentation setting for the PS4 Slim. This console is expected to provide a more compact and coordinated design that will mend existing hardware issues, a new SSD drive to replace the standard HDD, in order to allow developers to optimize more easily their latest titles in full 1080p resolution, and other next-gen features. Latest speculations are that Sony is considering of removing the current Blu-Ray drive for the PS4 Slim version, as most players prefer to store their video game content digitally.
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