New Trailer & Gameplay Footage of ‘King of Fighters XIV’

A lot of things were revealed at yesterdays PlayStation Experience. One of which was the first playable build of ‘King of Fighters XIV’ (which attendees recorded via their cellphones) and a new trailer for the fighting game.

From the looks of things the upcoming title will feature fifty characters spread across sixteen teams which includes Kula Diamond, Ralf Jones, Billy Kane, King, Angel, Kyo Kusanagi, Iori Yagami, Leona Heidern, Chang Koehan, and Andy Bogard. It was also revealed that in addition to offline and online play, it will feature a Party Battle Mode that allows up to six players to fight it out in two teams of three. ‘King of Fighters XIV’ is set for release exclusively on PlayStation 4 sometime next year.

[Source: Shoryuken]
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