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Nintendo Releases “Smash Bros” Demo

With the new Super Smash Bros. on the way, and all the news that was recently leaked, people may be getting impatient to play the new game. As such, Nintendo has good news: the demo will be made available next week (9/19) for anyone to download and try out.

If you happen to be a Club Nintendo Platinum member, you’ll get a code to download the demo right about… now. Go ahead, check your email. We’ll wait.

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The news came from the @NintendoAmerica Twitter account, as well as Nintendo’s all-day stream today. According to The Mary Sue, Club Nintendo members will receive four demo codes, so their friends can enjoy the demo as well.

Now then, as I have not managed to reach Platinum status, I’ll be off to find friends who have. Failing at that, it’ll be a long wait until next Friday.

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UPDATE: Having obtained the demo, I can now tell you a little more about it. There are five characters available: Mario, Pikachu, Link, Mega Man, and the Animal Crossing Villager. Each has four alternate outfits available. The only thing you can play is a 2 minute “free for all,” with anywhere from 2 to 4 characters in a match, and you can set the CPU level from 1 to 9. The only stage available is Battlefield, but items can and will drop, including the Smash Ball.

It’s a great demo, and leaves me more excited for the game to come out, so I can enjoy all the options and characters available.


Source: Nintendo Announces Free Smash Bros for 3DS eShop Demo Release Date!

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