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Pokemon Announces New Sun & Moon, Pokken, and Gold/Silver eShop Games

The Pokemon Company has announced a plethora of news today, featuring new releases for the Nintendo Switch and 3DS. Not only will we be getting new releases for the 7th generation of Pokemon games, but the classic second generation games will be seeing a re-release on the eShop, and Pokken Tournament will get an updated release for the Switch.

When Pokemon Sun and Moon were announced, the general assumption is that there would be a third version down the line, like “Pokemon Stars” or “Pokemon Eclipse.” But just as “Pokemon Z” version never happened, and instead of “Pokemon Grey” we got Black 2 and White 2, instead we’re getting Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.

Little has been said about Ultra Sun and Moon yet, except that it will feature new forms for the legendary Pokemon, and several Pokemon previously not found in the 7th generation games. A look at the new forms for Solgaleo and Lunala makes it evident that Necrozma, the third legendary Pokemon from Sun and Moon, will be connected somehow, but aside from brief glimpses of the game in the trailer, the information revealed has been scarce.

On the Nintendo Switch side, we’re getting Pokken Tournament DX. This game is an updated sequel to Pokken Tournament on the WiiU, featuring new Pokemon fighters, such as the 7th generation’s Decidueye, along with a tag battle mode, daily challenges, and group match modes. Pokken Tournament DX can be played using the Switch’s Joy-Con controllers for one-on-one battles, as well as in TV mode, handheld mode, or with the Pokken Tournament controller previously released for the WiiU game.

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You can see the trailer for Pokken Tournament DX and Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon here:

Last but not least, it was also revealed that the second generation games, Pokemon Gold and Silver, will be seeing a re-release on the Nintendo eShop. While the games were previously updated for the 4th generation as Heart Gold and Soul Silver, this is a return to the classic form, like how Red, Blue, and Yellow versions were re-released not too long ago. Like the previous eShop games, they will be compatible with the Pokemon Bank, so 2nd generation Pokemon can be moved to the 7th gen games.

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We’ll have more information on these new games as it’s made available. Until then, let us know what you’re looking forward to in the comments!

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