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Pokemon Go: Future Evolutions to Look Forward to

Pokemon Go has been out for a while now, with constant updates and changes designed to improve the user experience (with varying degrees of success). But further down the line, we’ll start seeing updates for new Pokemon, from the second generation and on.

Niantic has stated that the Gold/Silver/Crystal era Pokemon will be added eventually (with an estimated release some time in December, although that could very well change), and beyond that there’s the third generation of Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald, and many more – by the time it’s caught up to the current sixth generation of games, the seventh gen games Pokemon Sun and Moon will have already added even more to the Pokedex.

What does this mean for people who are playing the game now? Well, it’s not just something to look forward to – in the case of some Pokemon, it’s something to prepare for.

Several Pokemon games add new evolutions to classic Pokemon, and even pre-evolutions in some cases. Longtime fans of the games already know what will eventually get an evolution, but if Pokemon Go is your first introduction to the world of Pokemon, here’s a rundown on what Pokemon you have now that will get new evolutions down the line, so you can start stocking up on that candy to evolve them later.

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(Keep in mind that any news about how Pokemon Go will add second generation and on mechanics, including Pokemon genders, breeding, new items for evolution, and so on, are all entirely fan-made theories. Niantic has not announced anything concrete yet, just that they’ll be adding later generations eventually.)

Gen 2

The second generation of Pokemon games – Gold, Silver, and Crystal – introduced some new evolutions to older Pokemon, as well as pre-evolved ones for old favorites.

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I know, Zubat are everywhere, and you’ve already got more candy than you could possibly use. Why bother spending another 50 on a Golbat when they do you no good? Well, Golbat itself gets an evolution in the form of Crobat, so keep saving those candies, because you may need them to get its third stage. It currently takes 50 Zubat Candy to get to a Golbat, so how much it’ll take to get up one more stage is anyone’s guess.



As it is now, Onix is not particularly powerful in Pokemon Go. You’d think a giant rock snake would be pretty tough, and yet it doesn’t rank too highly at all. Perhaps, however, its steel-type evolution, Steelix, can tilt the odds in its favor.



Little Poliwag already has a full evolutionary line, going to Poliwhirl and then Poliwrath. But in Gold/Silver/Crystal, an item called King’s Rock lets Poliwhirl evolve into Politoed. What does this mean for Pokemon Go? Poliwhirl could have a 50% chance of evolving one way or another (give or take any of Niantic’s little Easter Eggs to tilt the odds), or Niantic could have something else up its sleeve to give Poliwhirl its other evolution.




Oh I just can’t wait to be king! Slowpoke also gets an alternate evolution. It’s said that a Slowpoke evolves into Slowbro when a Shellder bites its tail, but when it bites its head, it becomes Slowking. Like Politoed, Slowking requires an item called King’s Rock in the games, so how it’ll work in Pokemon Go is anyone’s guess.



Yes, another alternate evolution, this time for Gloom. In the games, a Leaf Stone turns Gloom into Vileplume, while a Sun Stone turns it into the hula-inspired Bellossom. With the evolutionary stones not included in Pokemon Go, we’ll see what kind of candy it’ll take to get this alternate evolution.



Scyther is already pretty tough, but Scizor gives it a steel-typing and a nice red redesign. Like Onix, Scyther does not have an evolution in Pokemon Go yet, so save that candy for later.

Espeon and Umbreon


Eevee already has three evolutions – Jolteon, Vaporeon, and Flareon – but gen 2 adds the Psychic-type Espeon and the Dark-type Umbreon. Evolving an Eevee only takes 25 candy, but hopefully Niantic will include another Easter Egg to help determine which of these it’ll evolve into. It’s worth noting that in the games, Eevee would evolve into Espeon during the day, and Umbreon during the night, as long as it was at maximum happiness.



Keep catching those Horsea, because its evolution doesn’t stop at Seadra. In gen 2, it got a third stage, the part-dragon Kingdra.

Porygon 2


Porygon received an update, with the sleeker, slimmer Porygon 2. The fun doesn’t stop there, though, but we’ll get back to that a few generations from now.


Think Chansey is a tank now? Wait until it evolves, then get ready to spend a lot of time tapping the screen in annoyance as you try to whittle down a Blissey’s health while it defends another team’s gym and it’s not hurting you but dammit that timer is running low and you don’t want to lose simply by running out of time for a third freaking time.

Gen 3

The third generation, containing Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald, does not introduce any new evolutions for first generation Pokemon. You’re good. I mean, some of the Pokemon from this generation you’ll want to hold on to for their later evolutions, but that’s a bridge to cross much farther down the road.

Gen 4

The fourth generation games – Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum – bring in a few new evolutions. Some of them are for later-generation Pokemon, but a few classics get new stages as well.



Magnemite and Magneton get a further evolution in Magnezone, a flying saucer of an electric/steel Pokemon.



Have you found a Lickitung yet? Better find more, because it gets an evolution in the form of Lickilicky.



Rhydon may seem tough enough as it is, but don’t feed it all your Rhyhorn Candy yet, because Rhyperior is bigger, badder, and buffer still.



Tangela, AKA the Pokemon you find when you leave a few cords unattended for just a minute and they get all tangled up, isn’t too common, but not too high in-demand either. Yet you’ll still need to save up for when it becomes Tangrowth.



Now this is one I’ve been waiting for: Electivire, the evolution of Electabuzz. Of course, Electabuzz couldn’t leave its pal and rival Magmar behind, which brings us to…


Yep, Magmar gets an evolution in gen 4 as well. While the video games required them to be traded while holding specific items, it seems more likely that they’ll just require a lot of candy to get these evolutions.

Leafeon and Glaceon


More Eeveelutions! The Grass-type Leafeon and Ice-type Glaceon mean you’re going to want to keep saving those Eevee Candies for further down the line.


At last, the final form of Porygon, in all its digitally-rendered glory. So, y’know, good luck finding enough Porygon to get all the candy for two evolutions.

Gen 5

The fifth generation consisted of Black and White versions, as well as their direct sequels. They do not, however, introduce any new evolutions or pre-evolutions of classic Pokemon, so there’s nothing to prepare for here.

Gen 6

The latest generation (as of this article, but Gen 7 is on its way) consists of Pokemon X and Y versions, and somehow, no Z version as of yet. I’d like to say you don’t have to worry about saving candy up for this generation either, but we have one more for you, and it’s just what you’d expect.


250px-700SylveonThat’s right, another Eeveelution! Sylveon is a Fairy-type, and is the latest of Eevee’s evolutions to hit the games. It’s also the last of any new evolutions from first generation Pokemon (unless Sun and Moon add more) so just keep catching those Eevees and you’ll be fine.




250px-Baby_Pokémon_animeI suppose we should mention this as well. A few future generations add earlier forms of first generation Pokemon; the pre-evolved or “baby” ones, as it were. These include Pichu, Cleffa, Igglybuff, Tyrogue, Magby, Smoochum, Elekid, and Munchlax, all of which evolve into first generation Pokemon (and Tyrogue gets a third option, as it can become Hitmonchan, Hitmonlee, or Hitmontop), so exactly how that will work in Pokemon Go is currently unknown. They may update the games so that Pikachu now give and use Pichu Candy, or they could just have Pichu drop Pikachu Candy and use that to evolve, time will tell.

Mega Evolutions

Mega-pokemon-art-galleryGen 6 did introduce one more thing: Mega Evolutions, a temporary in-battle evolution that gives Pokemon a huge boost in power. Several first generation Pokemon receive Mega Evolutions, including all the starters (Charizard even gets two), Gyarados, and even Slowbro. How that will work in Pokemon Go is both unknown and way too far off in the future to even worry about yet.

Now you know what Pokemon will see evolutions later down the line in Pokemon Go. What Pokemon are you looking forward to seeing? Let us know, then go out and catch them all!

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