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Pokemon Go Goes “Beyond” With Kalos, Level 50 & More

Pokemon Go has continued to expand year after year, bringing in more Pokemon from each generation. At the same time, the level cap has always remained at 40 – a point which many trainers reached long ago.

With the latest announcements, Pokemon Go is not only adding more Pokemon, it’s adding new mechanics and a higher level cap, giving trainers more opportunities and adventures.


Kalos Region

The first update is the addition of Pokemon from the Kalos region, the 6th generation of Pokemon games. While the rollout will be over time, the first Kalos Pokemon will begin appearing December 2nd.

The new Pokemon will include the three Kalos starters (Chespin, Fennekin, and Froakie) and their evolutionary lines, along with the Bunnelby, Fletchiner, and Litleo lines. Klefki, the keychain Pokemon, will also be added for trainers in France only.

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Higher Level Cap

The level cap has been increased for not only Pokemon, but also trainers. Pokemon Go players can now reach level 50, but unlike levels 1-40, these levels require more than just gaining experience points.

In order to level up beyond 40, trainers will have to accomplish certain tasks. These include catching a large amount of Pokemon in a single day, utilizing certain evolution methods, battling in gyms and raids, and so on.

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The requirements get more difficult as the levels get higher. Level 50, for instance, requires defeating Team GO Rocket Leaders with Pokemon under 1,500 CP – a task that can be difficult even for fully-leveled teams.

However, Pokemon will also grow more powerful with the trainers. Pokemon Go will also add new Candy XL, which can be used to power up Pokemon higher than their current cap. Players can get this candy by converting Pokemon candy they already own, so those hundreds of extra Rattata candies can finally be put to use.



Seasons were introduced in the Pokemon games for Black & White versions. These included changes like Deerling and Sawsbuck getting different forms, depending on what season they appeared in. Now Pokemon Go is following suit, changing the in-game seasons to match the real world.

Starting December 1st, Pokemon Go will start to change the Pokemon that appear in the wild, in raids, and in eggs, based on the current season. During the Winter, ice and cold-themed Pokemon will appear more frequently. Likewise, fire and warm-weather Pokemon will appear in the Summer.

These changes will also impact Deerling and Swasbuck forms, like within the games.

GO Battle League will also adjust to match the seasons, with each battle season lasting three months. This change increases the ranking cap from 10 to 24, with new rewards tied to each season’s theme.

These new changes will begin rolling out in December, so be prepared for new Pokemon and challenges. What are you looking forward to most? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Niantic,

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