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“Pokemon Go” Goes Johto

Pokemon Go is ready to complete its rollout of the second generation of Pokemon, with the addition of Johto Pokemon to the popular mobile game. Recently, players were given a taste of Johto with the addition of baby Pokemon and Togepi/Togetic, but now we’re getting a full release, as advertised in the video below.

In addition to nearly 100 new Pokemon and evolutions, Pokemon Go will now offer new items at Poke Stops. Some of them are evolution items, required for bringing Pokemon to their new forms (so I might not have needed to stock up on Horsea candy for the inevitable Kingdra, but we shall see how that goes), others are new berries to make Pokemon easier to catch.

To see what Pokemon will be getting new evolutions, check out our article on Pokemon Go: Future Evolutions to Look Forward to.

In battle, the game promises a new item wheel to make selecting battle-essential items easier. That’s in addition to new encounter gameplay, mixing up the previous ways Pokemon would behave in battle.

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Last but not least, we’re getting new trainer outfits and customizations. No word on whether or not new hairstyles are in the future, but plenty of new shirts to choose from.

There’s a lot to look forward to in this new Pokemon Go announcement, and we can expect it all some time this week.

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Source: Our World Is Expanding—Over 80 More Pokémon and New Features Are Coming!

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