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Pokemon Go Reveals New Details to Help You Catch Them All

With Pokemon Go growing ever so closer, slated to be released some time in 2016, we’re getting a little more information at a time about how the upcoming mobile game works.

The Pokemon website has now revealed some new information about the game, including teams, gyms, and PokeStops.

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Pokemon Go Plus

As previously explained, Pokemon Go allows people to travel around the real world, finding Pokemon in physical locations through their phones via Augmented Reality. The phone or Bluetooth-connected Pokemon Go Plus device will vibrate when a Pokemon is nearby, allowing players to encounter the Pokemon, as shown in the previously-revealed video.

After encountering a wild Pokemon, trainers do not battle it as they would a Pokemon in the wild. Instead, they attempt to catch it by flicking a Pokeball on the touchscreen towards it. As shown earlier, a Pokeball does not guarantee a capture (although obviously a Master Ball does), and we now know that the Pokemon has a chance of fleeing; basically, the world is your Safari Zone.

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As the Pokemon do not battle against wild Pokemon, you can still evolve them by capturing multiple species of the same Pokemon. So even if you’re in an area that only has Magikarp, helplessly flopping around as you look at the screen and sigh at their ineffectiveness, you can capture more and more of them until you have an army of Gyarados at your command.

10633447_983429481743339_5628553150126305264_oPokemon locations will be determined by real world environments. Certain water-type Pokemon, for instance, are only available near water sources. So if you want to find your favorite, it may be necessary to trade with someone on another side of the world.


The more Pokemon you catch, the higher your level grows as a Trainer. That opens up access to new, stronger Pokemon, and better items; there is a real benefit to catching them all. Capturing Pokemon and finding new areas also complete new challenges, unlocking achievement medals.

Battling will still be available, of course, against fellow trainers and at Pokemon Gyms, located in real world locations. At a certain point in the game, you will be asked to join one of three teams (hopefully one of which will be Team Rocket). Teams can claim a Gym, and members visiting can place one of their Pokemon there, which other teams can challenge to take over.

But we also have new inormation in the form of PokeStops. These are located “at interesting places, such as public art installations, historical markers, and monuments,” basically taking cool things in the real world and giving Pokemon Go players little benefits from going there. Upon visiting a PokeStop, players can collect more Pokeballs or other items.

Pokemon Eggs will also be available at certain PokeStops. It seems rare or otherwise unobtainable Pokemon can be found in these eggs (and Togepi is a pretty safe bet).

Pokemon Go will be available from the Apple and Android App Stores for free. There will be in-app purchases available, although the options and prices of those were not revealed.

But you still gotta catch ‘em all (and be the best that you can be).


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