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Pokemon OR/AS Demos Are Available

With Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire coming out in a month from now, Nintendo has begun releasing demos of the game. Those who are signed up for a account and receive the newsletter will be receiving codes today and in the next few days, which they can use to download the demo from the 3DS or 2DS eShop. For those who didn’t sign up, though, there are other ways to get it.

According to Nintendo, one can get the demo in one of six ways:

  • Participating movie theaters will be distributing codes between November 7th and 13th
  • Local retailers will be given a certain amount of codes to provide from giveaways
  • Downloading “Pokemon Art Academy” from the eShop will come with a demo code in the receipt (the game comes out October 24th)
  • Similarly, purchasing the upcoming Virtual Console releases of Pokemon Puzzle Challenge (out November 6th), or Pokemon Trading Card Game (November 13th) will also provide a demo code
  • Last but not least, there will be a national tour to 16 different malls around the U.S. from November 24th to December 21st. Anyone who tries out the available games will receive two demo codes.

The demo is relatively short, but provides a good example of what to expect. Players travel with Steven Stone, fighting against Team Aqua and Magma to rescue a Pokemon capable of Mega Evolving. (In the case of U.S. players, it will be Glalie. I nicknamed mine “Glazorpazorp.”) Certain content unlocked during the game can be sent into Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire when the games are purchased normally, including the Pokemon you catch.


While there isn’t much room for exploring, the demo still provides a good look at the mechanics of the game. While walking, the touch screen will show various announcements in the new Pokenav. You’re taught how to tip-toe, which will be an important feature for sneaking up on wile Pokemon you spot with the DexNav. Of course, it takes plenty of opportunities to show players flying around on the back of Latios, though we’re not in control of that.

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As always, you can pick one of three Pokemon: Combusken, Grovyle, or Marshstomp, who will evolve during the course of the game. You can later Mega Evolve them while fighting alongside Steven, who has his own shiny Mega Metagross to show off. (It also offers a subtle reminder about the shiny Beldum giveaway that will coincide with the game’s release.)

Though the demo concludes with you catching the Mega Pokemon you went to protect, it provides replay value by providing different items that can be transferred over each time. That may be only for a certain number of replays, but it’ll still give players a nice edge when Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire come out.

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