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Pokemon Sun and Moon Trademarked; Possible New Games

2016 is a year full of Pokemon news and announcements, so there may be a big new one on the way. Nintendo has trademarked the names “Pokemon Sun” and “Pokemon Moon,” along with related website domain names in various languages. In addition, the above images have been included with the trademarks.

The news comes just one day before an announced Pokemon Direct broadcast, which will announce something new for Pokemon, although whether or not it’s a new game, the Pokemon Go release date, or anything else is unknown.


250px-Magearna_XY_animeThis could mean that the first of the seventh generation of Pokemon games will be announced tomorrow. The trademark follows the reveal of a new mythical Pokemon, Magearna, which will also be featured in an upcoming Pokemon movie, a strong indication of a new generation on the way.

However, this is all currently unconfirmed.

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It is equally possible that these trademarks are placeholder names, as Nintendo has done in the past. Names such as “Pokemon Brown” and “Pokemon Amethyst” are also trademarked, even though no such games exist. In fact, “Pokemon Black” was trademarked long before the Black and White versions were released. As such, we should make no assumptions until Friday’s Pokemon Direct.

With that in mind, what do you think? Will this be the start of the seventh generation of Pokemon games, or is it a red herring so they can surprise us with the real news tomorrow?

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UPDATE: 7th gen confirmed.

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