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Pokken Tournament Announces New Fighters & Arcade Controller

“Pokken Tournament,” the upcoming game that combines Pokemon and Tekken, is growing closer. More news has come forth about the games, featuring upcoming characters, gameplay, and arcade controls.

The Monthly Famitsu feat. stream has revealed new information about Pokken, including introducing more available fighters. While Lucario, Machamp, and presumably Blaziken were already known fighters, three new additions were announced: Suicune, Gardevoir, and, of course, Pikachu.pokken1154

Yes, Pikachu is no stranger to fighting games, having been in Super “Smash Bros.” since the very beginning, making it a constant throughout every Pokemon game (Jigglypuff will be the only other Pokemon to make that claim IF it’s included in some way in Pokken Tournament). Suicune is an interesting addition, being a bipedal beast Pokemon, but gameplay has shown that Pokemon will have ranged attacks as well as the usual punches and kicks fighting games are known for.

Additionally, certain Pokemon are included as support characters. Snivy, Emolga, Fennekin, and Lapras are currently known, with more to come.

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The field is full 3D, following the fighters as they close in and out, similar to the “Dragonball Z Budokai” fighting games. It features Single Play, National Battle, and In-Store Battle (presumably “versus” mode), although what remains the same between the arcade and console versions has yet to be seen. During battle, the Pokemon’s gauge builds, allowing for special “Burst Attacks” and Mega Evolution.

The arcade version uses a controller slightly different from typical fighting games. Rather than a fight stick and four to six buttons on the side, there’s a controller attached to the cabinet, like one for any typical video game console. We can assume this is to make the transition from arcade to WiiU easier, for while it may lack the large WiiU controller’s screen, it still has a similar button arrangement. A uses a Pokemon’s special attack, B jumps, X is a pokken1155weak but fast attack, and Y is for a slower but stronger attack, while the L and R shoulder buttons are for calling in Support Pokemon and guarding, respectively. A simple design, familiar to most fighting game players, but effective for Pokemon nonetheless; the game is designed for both new and veteran players to enjoy, after all.

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We can look forward to more information on Pokken Tournament as the game nears completion and it hits arcades in Japan. There’s no word on a console version yet. You can check out gameplay footage in the video below.

Source: Pokken Tournament controller sports six-button layout with D-Pad


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