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Portal Gets a Board Game

Portal was a triumph. Valve marked it as a huge success, and the fact that you immediately recognized that I’m referencing the song “Still Alive” from that game means you’re either a fan as well, or it’s become such a large part of our collective consciousness that you know the song anyways. Well, while there’s no news about Portal 3 yet, we have something just as good: a Portal board game.


Nerdapproved reported on a tabletop game from Cryptozoic, titled “Portal: Uncooperative Cake Acquisition Game.” It’s played with 2-4 people, featuring pieces such as the test subjects, companion cube, and of course, the cake.

And the first one of you to say it’s a lie will get a turret to the face.

The idea originated from Valve, which worked on the game before presenting it to Cryptozoic. Very little changes were needed before it was ready for release. It’s designed to be enjoyable as a game on its own, not just as a little treat to fans of the Portal games, so those who haven’t played the games can still enjoy it.

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That said, there are few things that cannot be improved with GLaDOS and Wheatley.

While all we have so far is a single image of the game, we can look forward to learning more about it when it gets released.

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