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Punching Babies Dan Sterling Games Review

We first wrote about Punching Babies by Dan Sterling Games a few months ago and since have not only got to see it first hand but we played it and have a full review for you.

Punching BabiesPunching Babies is a two player turn based
 card game that simulates two heavyweight babies fighting for dominance. It’s easy to learn and quick to play with each round taking 5-7 minutes.

Before we get into the review, let me say, the game we received was still a prototype so changes may be made to the game before its launch.



Punching Babies is a fun fast played, turn-based strategy card game with a small footprint perfect the player on the go. The theme is fun, I mean two babies boxing how is that not a silly fun theme, the art ( which will be updated) and the names of the moves fit perfectly. Upon playing the game players immediately pick up their cards and the first person to throw down a card starts, think of the card dealing being the “bell” to start the match. Then you fight back and forth playing different moves, counters or blocks until both players can no longer play, and a winner is determined by having taken less damage.

The Good:

  • Fun silly theme
  • Fast-paced
  • Easy to learn and play
  • Travel Size as it is no bigger then a deck of cards

The Not So Good:

The one thing we can almost say is “Not so good” would have to be a lack of Lore or backstory, but that is nitpicky as it is a game of boxing and really does not need a back story.

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If you are looking fora fun fast-paced travel sized game with a silly theme then Punching Babies by Dan Sterling Games is for you! We thoroughly enjoyed this game and have since added it to our travel game bag.

Be sure to head over to Kickstarter to pledge and get a copy of Punching Babies!

Punching Babies Dan Sterling Games Review

Gameplay - 8.5
Art - 7.1
Rules - 8


We recently received a copy of the upcoming fast playing turn-based strategy card game Punching Babies from Dan Sterling Games, and to say we enjoyed the game. It was a fun take on a classic sport via a tabletop card game. Punching Babies has a fun silly theme and is perfect to take with you anywhere. The game we received was still a prototype so changes may be made.

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