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Punching Babies Is An Upcoming Turned Based Boxing Card Game

If you are like us then you are always looking for fun new games, and Punching Babies by Dan Sterling Games might just be the next game for you! In this upcoming game, players take turns to TKO each other.

Dan Sterling Games is coming to Kickstarter to fund the printing of Punching Babies. Punching Babies is a two player turn based card game that simulates two heavyweight babies fighting for dominance. It’s easy to learn and quick to play with each round taking 5-7 minutes.

Punching Babies is in the final prototype phase, however after funding the images on the face of the cards will be redone with more detail, and the cover image will be in full color. There is a file error on one card that will also be fixed in the final version.

The reward tier that contains a physical copy is $15, and will have free shipping in the USA. International shipping is still in the works. Backers are expected to receive their rewards by the end of October 2019.

Each player is dealt ten cards from the deck which contains Attack, Defense, and Special cards (some of these cards allow the player to draw cards while others do not). To determine who goes first, the player quick enough to actually play a card from his/her hand takes the initiative. A player’s turn is complete once they make an attack, which allows their opponent the opportunity to play a defensive card, if they want.

Players start at 0 damage and gradually count upwards as they take hits from their opponent. If a player can no longer play a viable card, or runs out of cards, their opponent will continue taking turns until they run out of attacks.

Once both players are out of attacks, the round is over and who ever took the least amount of damage wins.

Play styles include: Best 2 out of 3, TKO-ten rounds continually tallying up damage, and Knockout-the first to reach or pass 100 damage loses

Punching Babies will be heading to KickStarter soon so be sure to keep an eye out for it!


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