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Robot Fight Club Is Live On Kickstarter

If you like robots, or robot fighting then you will not want to miss out on Robot Fight Club by Needy Cat Games!

Robot Fight Club is a two-player arena combat game, with each player controlling a pair of customised robots. Gameplay is fast and tactical – grid movement and directional damage make positioning vital, while simultaneous action selection invites you to second-guess your opponent. You can only activate one of your robots each round, so weigh your options carefully! There are plenty of juicy decisions and loads of opportunities to take big risks. 

At the start of each game, you’ll assemble your team of robots from six chassis units and a randomised assortment of upgrade systems. You can build a team that’s optimised towards one thing – collecting scrap, attacking at range, avoiding damage – or a pair of all-rounders that cover each other’s weaknesses. The selection of parts that is available to you changes each time you play, requiring new strategies and approaches. For players who want to get straight into the action, the rulebook also includes Quickstart teams – these are ideal for your first game, or if you’re after a quick bout.  

Rule Book:

Robot Fight Club by Needy Cat Games is live on Kickstarter right now! So head over to learn more and pledge to get yourself a copy of the game!

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