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Sea Shanties – A Pirate-centric Board Game

Have you heard about the upcoming pirate board game Sea Shanties? On Sea Shanties players compete to become the “most legendary pirate.”

Sea Shanties is an ever-changing strategy board game where players compete to be the most legendary pirate sailing the Kanvus Sea.

To do so, players must plunder islands for precious Loot, complete challenges to earn song Verses, and pillage other captains in a unique sea-battle mechanic in order collect Lore and the most Renown Points.

Our Lore

You enter a weather-worn building on an island somewhere in the far western reaches of the Kanvus Sea. The small tavern is crowded but the dark, damp air inside, although heavy with must, is a refuge from the sweltering sun currently baking the island’s shore.

The tavern swells, bustling with privateers and buccaneers — a missing eye, arm, or leg seems to be the fee of admittance to join this raucous crowd. The smell of brown enters your nostrils as you order a tankard of warm grog. With every sip, memories from your recent past slowly slip away…

That’s when a stout bard with an aging accordion emerges from the corner. He brushes sand and dust from the instrument’s bellows and as he begins to squeeze its sides, the familiar notes cut through the crowd and dance around your ears. He begins jovially singing a shanty that is well-known among all of the patrons. You slurp down the last drops of your grog and slam your tankard on the table.

To read the full Lore of the game head here.

Starting the Game
A map of the Kanvus Sea is randomly constructed before all captains as they prepare to set sail. With over one duodecillion
(approximately 1.09 x 10^39) possible arrangements of the game board, the chances are great you’ll never explore the exact same corner of the Kanvus Sea twice…
An island is chosen as your starting port, your crew are
gathered from Hunter’s Tavern, and your sails fill with wind
as they’re unfurled and you head toward the horizon.
During Your Voyage
Although pirates can be crude and the sea a treacherous place, the captains of the Kanvus Sea take turns building their sagas in an organized clockwise manner.
Becoming the most renown pirate to ever sail the Kanvus Sea is as easy as A.B.C.
ACTION – Strategically plan your actions as you maneuver across the sea. You may Sail, Plunder, Recruit, Abandon, or Battle during your turn as you seek to gain control of map.
BURY – Take this chance to safely bury any or all loot currently aboard your ship.
COLLECT – Reap the rewards of your hard working
island crew by collecting loot from the islands under your control.
Plundering Loot
As you navigate your ship through the isles of the Kanvus Sea, you continuously build your legacy by assigning members of your crew to control loot-producing islands.
During your turn, plunder your islands for fish, iron, grog, and gold. Bury the most of a given loot type and be the Captain who claims the shanty Ballad.

Be sure to keep an eye for their upcoming Kickstarter, set to launch soon!

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Sea Shanties Anticipation Rating

Art - 8.6
Board/pieces - 7.5
Cards - 9
Fun - 8



While we have not had the opportunity to play the game yet, we have learned a lot about it! The game itself sounds like a blst. The cards have some great art, the board is ever changing, and who does not want to become the best pirate of all?!

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