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Silicone Valley Meets Lovecraft On Your Tabletop In Techlandia

If you are a fan of H.P. Lovecraft, or games that involve tech, then you will mot want to miss out on the upcoming game Techlandia.

About The Game:

Silicon Valley meets Lovecraft in the tabletop game of smartphones and supernatural horror!

Imagine a world where people are enslaved by their electronics. Where we willingly allow smartphones to spy on us, and even pay for the privilege. A world where a handful of all-powerful multinational corporations control the flow of information by dominating hardware, operating systems, social networks and search engines.
Oh wait, that actually kinda sounds like real life.
But, imagine all that stuff, plus the twisted CEO of one of these tech giants also using his power and influence to open the floodgates to another plane of existence, bringing ancient evils to Earth.

That’s what you suspect is happening at the Techlandia Corporation, the world’s biggest maker of overpriced smartphones. CEO Dexter Ward is announcing the company’s newest phone, the top-secret Techlandia TX-1, at an invitation-only press conference later today.
You haven’t been invited to the grand launch of the TX-1 smartphone, but you’re not a tech blogger because you like following the rules. There’s something strange going on here, and you’re going to expose it all. Sneaking into the main building should be easy enough with all the other press milling around, but gaining access to the massive underground auditorium where the TX-1 is being announced is going to be tougher.

It’s Silicon Valley meets Lovecraft in Techlandia, a funny+scary new tabletop game for 1-4 players.

How To Play:

Techlandia is a modern dungeon crawl adventure, where 1-4 players attempt to infiltrate the high-tech corporate headquarters of the Techlandia corporation.

The objective of this episode is to gain entry to the invite-only Techlandia TX-1 smartphone unveiling being held in a subterranean auditorium under the Silicon Valley headquarters of the secretive Techlandia corporation.

You’ve heard of mysterious disappearances and dark doings surrounding this all-powerful multinational conglomerate. Getting a scoop on what’s really going down would be a career-making move. So guess what? We’re sneaking in!

In order to do that, you must get past the security checkpoint, which will allow you access to the elevators leading down to the event level.

In order to do that, you must present the proper QR code invitation at the security desk.

In order to do that, you need to collect four QR code fragments, then present the correct final code at the security desk.

In order to do that, you’ll need to investigate rooms in the building for clues, discovering where the QR code fragments can be found and collecting them before anyone else.

By fighting and defeating cultish Techlandia public relations employees, known as Tech Cultists, you’ll be able to decipher the four QR code fragments and present the proper complete code at the security desk to gain access to the elevator.  

Fail at any of these tasks and you’re likely to be arrested for trespassing. And the world might end, too. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves.  
All the while, a Doomsday Clock ticks down between rounds, from 20 to zero, unleashing new horrors at inopportune moments. 
In the game, a turn consists of a player taking up to two actions. A round consists of every player taking a turn, and ends with the Doomsday Clock counting down one number. 

A single action can include: 
Moving from one room on the board to another room directly connected to it.

Investigating a room for clues.
Picking up a QR code from a room.
Fighting a Tech Cultist or other enemy.
Reloading your Gear deck from the Press Room.
Submitting your QR code to the security scanner.


Let me start off by saying that we reviewed a prototype version os Teclandia, so art, components, etc. are subject to change. Techlandia is a fun game for solo or up to 4 players. The game, not unlike a Lovecraft story, sucks you in from the beginning.


The Good:

We enjoyed the deduction aspect and variety of gear cards. The mechanics are sound and provide a fun gameplay experience. The random board layout and card dispersal has fun opportunities for replay-ability.

The Not So Good:

The not so good, the lack of art variation across components, we really hoped to see more variety, which is something that can be adjusted for retail release as again, we know this was a prototype and to expect better quality components and art for the finished product.

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If you are looking for a fun solo or multiplayer game with deduction, strategy that is story-driven with a fun H.P. Lovecraft feel, then Techlandia is the game for you!

Techlandia Review

Gameplay - 7.8
Theme/Lore - 8.4
Art/Components - 7.5
Rules/Mechanics - 7.8
Replay-ability - 7.5


Techlandia is a fun game pefect for the Lovexraft fan in your game group.

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