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Create an Adventurer’s Meal with ‘Heroes’ Feast’ an Official D&D Cookbook

Ordering pizza, munching down on chips, and guzzling down on soda is fine for the first few session but it eventually gets a little stale. No worries, because soon from Wizards of the Coast comes ‘Heroes’s Feast: The Official D&D Cookbook’ that will help you prepare a mighty meal for your gaming group!

The upcoming book was announced today during the D&D Live 2020 virtual event and will include 80 different recipes that’s inspired by the fan favorite tabletop roleplaying game. Flip though recipes that will have you dine like elves, chow down like dwarves, or devour like orcs.

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Some of these recipes include meals such Bytopian Shepherd’s Bread, Iron Rations, Amphail Braised Beef, Hommlet Golden Brown Roasted Turkey, Drow Mushroom Steaks, and Moonshae Seafood Risotto. There’s even some desserts and cocktails like Heartlands Roseapple & Blackberry Pie, Yawning Portal Biscuit, and Chultan Zombie.

The ‘Heroes’s Feast: The Official D&D Cookbook’ is set to be released on October 27, 2020 for $35 as a hardcover and eBook. Available at your local retail stores or online.

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