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Dr. Esker’s Notebook

If you are into puzzle games, then Dr. Eskers Notebook is one we think you will enjoy. Dr. Eskers Notebook is a card game with nine different puzzles that are sure to have you thinking.

About Game:


Doctor Esker has vanished, leaving behind only a mysterious book full of puzzles written in his own hand. Nobody has cracked his cryptic codes yet. Are you up to the challenge?

The game provides a deck of 73 cards which contain nine devious puzzles to solve. You can play through the puzzles solo or together with family and friends. Great for a party, a game night, or a lazy afternoon.

1+ players

1-3 hours of gameplay

Each puzzle is composed of a set of cards. You can solve the puzzle by reading, comparing, arranging and pondering the messages, drawings, and artwork on the cards. Solving the puzzle reveals a sequence of numbers. When you think you’ve got it, gather the solution cards corresponding to the number sequence and flip them. If you see a message or image, you’ve solved the puzzle.

Hints for the game can be found here, as some of the puzzles may be a bit tricky 🙂

Be sure to head over to the main site and order yourself a copy today!

Dr. Eskers Notebook Anticipation Rating

Lore - 7.5
Components/Art - 6.5
Gameplay - 7.5


This is just an anticipation rating for Dr. Eskers Notebook based off of information provided. We will have our full review soon.

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