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You Know Whaaa! A Review of D&D’s ‘Baldur’s Gate: Descent Into Avernus’

In the newest Dungeons & Dragons adventure ‘Baldur’s Gate: Descent Into Avernus’ we take our heroes down to hell and wow…what a ride! We got a fallen angel, a city that’s on the edge of damnation, crazy soul powered vehicles, and more in it’s 256 pages that will take players from level one to thirteen.

Adventurers will start off in the iconic city of Baldur’s Gate in the Forgotten Realms setting and then plunge them down into the first layer of the Nine Hell and a knuckle bitting escape. We’re going to try and not spoil too much here with our review but still keep it in mind and you are warned.


Things to keep in mind with this module is that Avernus is the first layer of the Nine Hells in D&D lore and the archdevil Zariel is a former angel who now leads her horde of devils for the dark god Asmodeus. The players will take on the role of heroes who must stand against the forces of darkness and stop Zariel’s diabolical campaign which can be accomplished in a number of ways. Whether its from the point of a sword or even striking a bargain with the devils of hell. WotC gives us a big sandbox to play in with this release.

One of the main selling point of this book has to be what fans describe it as “Mad Max in Hell”. That’s because later in their adventures the players get a hold of Infernal War Machine vehicles which they can customize. But that’s not all, the book also provides Baldur’s Gate as a setting for DMs to run their adventures in along with a whole slew of new monsters, magical items, and more.

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We’re also big fans of the little details and including a how-to with infernal script is such a wonderful touch for DMs and players alike. Now when DMs want to draw up a contract with devils they can actually have a physical contract that they can offer up to players.

Another thing we loved about this release is all the awesome map that’s included with the book. The double sided Avernus and Elturel map is definitely a must frame piece of art to hang up your gaming room or area. Visual tools such as this is always a big A+.

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Along with the general release of the book and the limited edition, there’s also the Descent into Avernus Dice Set & Miscellany. Included with this set are a set of color themed dice, two felt dice trays, a small version of the Avernus map (that way you can frame the bigger version that comes with the book), a size comparison chart of demons and devils, and a bunch of encounter tables with demons and devil handouts. It’s well worth the purchase if you want to run ‘Descent Into Avernus’.

Now is this a must purchase item to add to your D&D library? We’ll have to give a resounding YES!!! Especially if you want to run Baldur’s Gate as the setting for future adventures in the Forgotten Realms. We will admit though, it’s more useful for DMs than players but both will find the resources provided to be helpful on both sides of the DM screen.


Wizard’s of the Coast’s ‘Dungeons & Dragons: Decent Into Avernus’ is now available online and local retailers. We were provided with a copy of the book for review. Check out our unboxing on ‘TOYZILLA LIVE!’.

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