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You Know Whaaa…it’s the ‘Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything’ Review!

Typically when someone asks me what are three books to purchase if one wants to get into ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ as a player, my answer was the following; The Player’s Handbook, Xanathar’s Guide to Everything, and Volo’s Guide to Monsters. Now with the release of Wizards of the Coasts‘ ‘Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything’, I will have to apologize to the wandering scribe of the Forgotten Realms because the Witch Queen of Perrenland has usurped his place in the rankings.

In fact, this new supplemental sourcebook maybe even more useful than ‘Xanathar’s Guide to Everything’ as it provides a lot of customization options for both races and classes, new subclasses for every class, and much more. There’s so many options and tools for players to utilize in this book that it would be a damn shame to not take advantage of it.


Got an idea for a dwarven rogue who is dexterous? Or perhaps a half orc bard who is quite the charmer? You can now optimize that build with the new option of customized ability score increases.

Or totally work with a blank canvas with the Custom Lineage variant rules which gives you total control over how your character’s origins and experiences shaped them into the person they are today. Which also now means that players now can’t complain about how their racial choices hinder them.

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“Just as Tasha herself had this amazingly magical origin, many D&D characters have special origins that their players come up with, backstories that set one character apart from another,” Lead Rules Designer Jeremy Crawford had said in a press preview for the book. “We wanted with this book to give players the tools they want in the game to create their character in a more customized way.”

Now the main reason why you would want to pick up Tasha’s, is all about those new Character Class Options. Maybe you’re not just not vibing with being the Assassin in your campaign? Perhaps Inquisitive sounds like it would better fit that character of yours. There’s now official rules to swap your character’s subclass. And that’s not all, there’s also now a way to adjust certain class features by switching out things like fighting styles and proficiency bonuses. You can now REALLY make that character uniquely yours. Of course this is all “optional” so it’s up to your DM if they allow it at their table.

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Every class gets their moment to shine here in this book which includes 22 subclasses which we will quickly list below (some of them have been printed in previously released books);

  • Artificers from ‘Eberron: Rising from the Last War’ gets a reprint here in Tasha’s, along with the new Armorer specialist.
  • Barbarians get the Path of the Beast and Path of Wild Magic.
  • Bards get the College of Creation and the College of Eloquence.
  • Clerics gets the new Domains of Order, Peace, and Twilight.
  • Druids get the Circle of Stars, Circle of Wildfire, and Circle of Spores.
  • Fighters get the Martial Archetypes of Psi Warrior and Rune Knight.
  • Monks get the Way of Mercy and the Way of Astral Self.
  • Paladins get the Oath of Glory and Oath of Watchers.
  • Rangers get the Fey Wanderer and Swarmkeeper Conclaves.
  • Rogues get the Phantom and Soulknife archetypes.
  • Sorcerers get the Aberrant Mind and Clockwork Soul sorcerous origins.
  • Warlocks get The Fathomless and The Genie Patrons.
  • Wizards get the Order of Scribes and Bladesinger schools.

Things to also note are that the new character options for Rangers really help the class. Such as the new favored foe class feature which can replace the favored enemy feature. We also get a really big of a fix to the lackluster Beast Master build by way of the primal beast pet. Seriously, DMs should at the very least allow Rangers access to Tasha’s.


The Warlock’s new Pact of the Talisman also opens up some really interesting choices and opportunities. Then for those who want to unlock the power of the mind, there’s Psionic subclasses like The Psi Warrior, Soulknife, and the Aberrant Mind (plus new psionic spells).

Our picks for our top three subclasses presented here would have to be the Warlock’s Fathomless and Genie patrons and the Artificers’ Armorer specialist. We already have some pretty neat character concept ideas using those subclasses in mind.

‘Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything’ also includes the rules for group patrons, a sidekick option, some new spells, new magic items, and Dungeon Master’s Tools (such as Supernatural Regions and Magical Phenomena). Our favorite entry of the DM’s Tools would have to be for the usage of puzzles in your games. As someone who enjoys puzzles and traps in D&D and seeing the lack of it at most tables, this is much appreciated.

Perhaps our biggest complaint with this book is that there’s quite a bit of material that has just been reprinted (some of the new subclasses, group patron rules, sidekick rules, and etc.). Honestly, we would just rather pick up the books where those rules were first introduced and get some more pages of new stuff or a downloadable errata from the D&D website.

Customization is the main theme here and the book really delivers on it. Overall, we give the book a thumbs up and highly recommend it (especially for players). So with the holidays coming up, we highly suggest picking up this book for a player, a DM, and/or yourself. You can purchase ‘Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything’ via Wizards of the Coasts, online retailers, or your local game stories.

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