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The Fantasy Trip Legacy Edition Is Everything You Need For A Classic RPG Experience

With all this hype around D&D Live 2019 right now, we thought we would re-introduce you to a classic tabletop RPG that is finally getting a second life, The Fantasy Trip (TFT) by Steve Jackson Games. We were lucky enough to receive a copy of the Legacy edition of the game for review, Which unfortunately has been delayed due to personal family reason but will be coming soon!! If you are looking for a fresh, but classic RPG then this is for you. TFT has literally everything you need other then a pencil or pen to start gaming right away, seriously upon unboxing it was almost overwhelming everything this game comes with! If you have an experienced GM (Game Master) or are familiar with RPGs then you will be up and playing in no time. If you do not have a GM or are not as familiar with full RPG games like TFT or D&D then we suggest that you start with
Melee as 2 players and then expand from there.

About the game:

The Fantasy Trip is an “old school” RPG created by Steve Jackson. Its first element was released in 1977: the combat game Melee (see “Basic Combat in The Fantasy Trip). That was followed by the magic game Wizard (see “Spells in TFT) and a set of releases to allow full roleplaying sessions. There were also various adventures, including the solos Death Test and Death Test 2and the dungeon-crawl Tollenkar’s Lair.

“Clean, fast and deadly.” 
– David Ritchie, “A Galaxy of Games,” Ares #1, March 1980
The Fantasy Trip (hereafter, TFT) is more “cinematic” than “simulationist.” Its foundation, Melee, was intended as a playable set of rules for fantasy combat, but speed and ease of play are the goal, not an exact representation of every swing and every defense. One of Steve’s intentions was that Melee should be usable as a drop-in combat module for campaigns using other systems.

TFT is set on the mega-world of Cidri, a huge place which can contain every campaign world that anyone wants to create. Magical Gates connect many areas, so travel to very distant places is easy if you know the way. The background is unabashedly swords and sorcery. Elves are noble, dragons are greedy, and gunpowder weapons exist but are very likely to blow up in your face!

The game was extremely popular when first released, but when Metagaming went out of business around 1982, support ceased, and TFThas been off the market for more than 35 years. In 2017, Steve Jackson regained the rights to his work and set about creating a new edition.

Though TFT has been out of print for decades, many fans have remained faithful to the game, and discussion on the SJ Games forumshas been active as Steve works to bring his 1970s “old-school RPG” up to 2018 speed. The base goals will be the same – fast play and fun in a world of swords and magic.

This is going to be a Kickstarter. Our target price for the Legacy Edition box is only $60. If we hit our stretch goals, you’ll be getting a package that would have looked like $60 worth even in the old school days. Plus a complete PDF, which didn’t even exist back then!
Part of the project will be the creation of a lot of new material: new monsters and beasts, new plants and spells, and more. Some of this material will appear here during the runup to the campaign and during the campaign itself.

Legacy Edition Information:

Designed by Steve Jackson • Illustrated by Liz Danforth and Rick Hershey

The complete edition of Steve Jackson’s first roleplaying game.
Suggested Retail Price $119.95 
Stock # SJG-3450 * UPC 080742099630 
April 2019

Old-school roleplaying at its dungeon-crawling finest. The Fantasy Trip is easy to learn and fast to play – but it’s been out of print for almost 40 years. Now it’s back!

This set includes:
Two complete mini-games: Melee for fighter combat, Wizard for sorcerous contests. Combine them for all-out battle! Each mini-game contains its own rules, maps, counters, and three dice.
Two solo adventures, Death Test and Death Test 2, with more game counters.

The 176-page roleplaying rulebook, In The Labyrinth.

A 24-page combat adventure, Tollenkar’s Lair, with full-color dungeon map.

Poster-sized color maps of the Duchy of Dran and the village of Bendwyn.
Over 30 two-sided erasable hex and megahex tiles for playing out your encounters.

4-panel reference screen with lists, tables, and Useful Stuff.
And more! Pre-generated fighter cards. Two extra dice. Pads of blank character sheets. A whole extra, different labyrinth map. And a 14-hex dragon!

Right now on Kickstarter you can check out and order The Fantasy Trip: Decks of Destiny:


Be sure to stay tuned for our un-boxing video, review gameplay and more! And be sure to follow Steve Jackson Games on Kickstarter to find out when you can get your hands on this incredible classic RPG game!

The Fantasy Trip Legacy Edition

Lore - 8
Art - 8
Components - 7.5
Books - 8.5
Extras - 8
Stories - 8.2
Gameplay - 8.5


This is an anticipation rating based off of unboxing, information from the game, and the website. We will have a full proper review coming soon! Along with some videos!

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