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The Ghosts Betwix Dungeon Crawl Game Is Live oN Kickstarter

If you are like us then you enjoy a good Dungeon Crawl, and you will be sure to enjoy The Ghosts Betwix. The Ghosts Betwix is a cooperative or single-player game that just landed on Kickstarter.

About The Game:

The Ghosts Betwixt is a campaign-based cooperative or solo-able Dungeon Crawler Tabletop Game with a mix of Tactical Dice Combat, Dungeon Exploration, Character Customization and Intuitive Enemy AI, all set in the 1990’s Midwestern haunted heartland!Take control of four Family Members set out to rescue their youngest, Richie, from the infamous Worlds of Terror Haunted House. Reveal narrative clues to find out what happened to Richie, find unforgettable weapons and items to help you on your adventure, unlock new collections of loot as you go, encounter unique enemies with various abilities, investigate never-before-seen environments in a board game, and ultimately learn the secrets at Worlds of Terror! 

  • Flexible turns and actions allow for tactic-based turn structure 
  • Build your dice pool with new weapons, items and gear 
  • Explore beautiful map tile locations 
  • flexible strategy depending on the intuitive Enemy AI system 
  • 90 – 180 minutes of game play per mission for 1 – 4 players 
  • Solo mode

Quick Play Rules:

Learn all about The Ghosts Betwix. one Kickstarter and pledge here.


The Ghosts Betwix Anticipation Rating

Lore - 7.5
Art/Components - 8.5
Gameplay - 8
Replay ability - 8.5


This is an anticipation rating for The Ghosts Betwix. Rating is based on information provided and found on the KS.

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