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The Hungry Gamer Previews Die in the Dungeon

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Before I begin, I was provided a prototype of the game in exchange for an honest review. This is not a paid preview. If you would prefer to watch a video of this review you can check it out below. Sign up to be notified when it launches here.

I am a big fan of pretty much anything fantasy. I am also a fan of rolling dice. Finally, I am a fan of solo games. So if you were to tell me that all of those are smashed together in a game then I am going to want to check it out! Well, Die in the Dungeon certainly checks all these boxes, though does it hang together, or is this just another fantasy theme slapped onto a game to get my interest?

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Die in the Dungeon turns the traditional dungeon crawl on its head. Rather than being the brave heroes trying to kill the horrible monster, you ARE the horrible monster that has been transported to the dungeon by a worse monster and told that you have to take out the heroes who are, clearly unjustly, trying to kill him. To do this you will be traveling about through the dungeon, flipping tiles as you go, and dealing with encounters. As you do you will slowly “level up” your abilities. As these abilities improve you will slowly get better dice associated with them, which will give you a better chance to defeat the monsters heroes in combat.

New Heroes

So who are we fighting? Heroes of course. The standard fair of clerics, fighters, rogues, and wizards, with the elite parties consisting of tougher punching bags! Combat is carried out relatively quickly with the heroes totaling up their combined stats, which will correlate to a specific die and rolling it. If it beats your stat, then you either take damage to your stat, or to your health. Of course, it would not be a fantasy game if each of the heroes did not have their own little tricks that they get to pull on you, and these get even worse if there are multiples of the same type of hero.

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The game ends in defeat if you get killed, or if you run out of time. The game comes with a dungeon guide that lays out the dungeon and tells you what the final objective is for each game that you play.

So what do I think?

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The artwork is just fantastic. It fully embraces the pun-ness of the game, and it is a true delight to look at. In addition I am completely in love with the acrylic standees that will come with the base game. Truth be told, I might like them more than I like a painted mini.


I also really enjoy the dice chucking action of the game. Combat is simple, yet there is a solid strategy that comes with choosing how you want to attack the heroes that are coming after you. Along with that there is a fun strategy when it comes to selecting which dice you are going to level up as you go.

Finally, I will add that the four base characters are all very unique, and offer fun strategies, and variant game play styles.


Each dungeon is built from some 60 small tiles that you arrange, this offers a wide variety of dungeons. Even once you get past the dungeons that will come with the game you have almost infinite amount of dungeons that you can create on your own. However, at the same time all of the tiles does make set up for the game a bit more laborious than you would expect. It does take a bit of time to build the dungeons in the guide.

Also, while I do think the heroes look AMAZING, I do wish that there were some differences in the artwork as the heroes become tougher.


In case I was not fully clear, this game is HIGHLY random. You are rolling dice in every aspect of the game. Yes there is some mitigation, but it is a dice game. So if you are not really into games that are random, then you are not going to be on board with this one.

I also wish that there was some way to get the abilities of the heroes on their cards via icons. It might be that there is just too much, but I do find that by having to look over at another board with all of them listed, I will sometimes forget they have them.

Bringing it all together

Die in the Dungeon is a light dice chucking, solo (mostly), dungeon adventure. The art is spectacular, the them a delight. The dice rolling is quite satisfying, as is the variety of dungeons and characters. The set up takes a little longer than you would expect, and it would be nice if the hero abilities could find their way onto the cards themselves. If you are into dice, fantasy, and solo games this one is for you.

Nope. I did not make my will save, can’t read all that

* Fun dice chucking solo dungeon adventure
* Brilliant art, though I do wish there was more variety with the stronger heroes
* Great variety in the dungeons, but set up can be a little longer than you might expect
* Fun theme, that is well implemented
* As you can imagine with a dice game it is highly random, despite some mitigation
* If you like fantasy, solo games, and dice this is for you!

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