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The Hungry Gamer Previews Everything Board Games Magazine

We at G33k-hq and Hungry Gamer have recently learned of a large exodus of writers from Everything Board Games due to their continued silence on the topic of Black Lives Matter.  You can read their statement below. We at G33k-hq and Hungry Gamer are in full support of Black Lives Matter.

As recently as a few weeks ago we previewed and made recommendations about the EBG Magazine that was on Kickstarter.  Due to these recent revelations we can no longer support EBG, and we no longer feel comfortable recommending anyone support their platform.

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We also understand that many of you may have backed the Kickstarter as a purchase of ad space in their magazine as a result of our coverage.  In response to this we are offering free ad space on G33k-hq to anyone who purchased ad space in the EBG Magazine and chooses not to use it (whether they are refunded or not), or for anyone that chooses to use that ad space to post a pro Black Lives Matter message.  If you would like to speak to us about the free ad space email us here at

There is no space in this hobby for silence on basic human rights, and we believe this hobby should be a place of joy for all.  Black Lives Matter.

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Before I begin, I was sent a digital copy of the magazine to review. This is not a paid review. If you are interested in backing the Kickstarter, check it out here.

As a kid I used to enjoy Nintendo Power magazine, and then when I was a little older, and deep into Warhammer, I loved reading White Dwarf Magazine, then when I got to college and was “cool” I was all about Sports Illustrated and all. However, for the most part, I do not truck much with magazines, but I have been pretty deep into the board game scene for a while now, so I was interested in what this new digital magazine from Everything Board Games might be about.


As you might expect it is filled with pictures, reviews, longer pieces about specific games, and even the much needed “fluff” piece, in this case about the man with the largest collection of dice in the world. In case you are wondering, it is over 90,000 dice. So it certainly passes the “magazine” test. The real question is, well, is it interesting, and would I want to go back and check it out again later on?

One of the things that I particularly like is the “hot shots” sections of the magazine. These are simply places to showcase the art of various games, in big “two page” spreads. I really dig these, and I wont lie I have already gone and checked out some games that I knew nothing about solely based on the artwork. I particularly appreciate this because, art is something that until I really started playing lots of games, I never appreciated. I always was of the mind that “the art doesn’t matter, as long as the mechanics are good!” This is a section that I really enjoy.

Now, no magazine would be complete without a feature article. This particular one is about the Lost Worlds of Josh Kirby, one which I actually previewed myself, if you are curious. This article is interesting, well written, and well laid out with images. Now the only thing that I will say, is that this article is written by the man behind the game, Brandon Raasch. That’s cool, but I think I like features to be written by the Magazine itself. It is possible that this is the standard, but it feels more like an advert than a feature article when it is by the company it is about. Though, it is a good read.

Finally the Magazine is filled with reviews, several are in depth, but the bulk of the promised 34 game reviews are like this. Links to click on which takes you to the Everything Board Games website. It’s a clever little way to get all the reviews in, and it also answered my initial question, or how can they possible fit that much text into one issue. The answer? They can’t so there are some featured, and the rest are done via Gateway. This does mean that you may have already read these reviews by the time you read the article, though I certainly appreciate the layout and the access to so many game reviews.

The magazine closes with, perhaps, my favorite part. It wraps with a primer of a print and play game. I love this, and I hope it is something that is their standard close. There are so many designers with fantastic print and play games, and this is a wonderful way to learn about more.

Bringing it all together

All in all, I think if you are looking for a new board game magazine, then this fits the bill. It looks good, and has quality content with some interesting things that real appeal to me. Is it perfect? No, but it is a great start. I think if they are able to continually get content from both “unknowns” and “big time” companies like they did for this issue then it could turn into a very good product, and one that I would certainly read.

Again you can check it out on Kickstarter here.

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