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The Hungry Gamer Previews Harry’s Place

Before I begin I was sent a prototype of the game, and will receive a copy should it fund.  This is not a paid review.  If you would like to see a video of this review you can check it out below.  Learn more about the game here.

Who likes cookies?  Everyone likes cookies.  You know who likes cookies more than anyone else on the planet?  My wife.  No joke.  So when I checked out the rules on Harry’s Place and saw that you are all competing for cookies, I figured that was a must play.  It also helped that she has found that she enjoys worker placement games.  This one seemed like it would be a can’t miss.


In Harry’s Place you play a Sasquatch wait staff in the best monster restaurant in town.  Each round you will have a series of Monstomers (Monster customers…get it?) waiting to be served.  The longer they have to wait the more irritated they will be and the less they will tip you.  You and your team of Sasquatch waiters will be placed at the 5 different food stations in order to flll the orders of these monstomers.  

Each station will allow you to get 1, 2, or 3. of whatever item you are trying to get, and you can always “tip” the cook a cookie, to hop to the front of the line and get more of the resource.  Then you feed the beasts, and those that are not fed get a little bit more irritated.  If they get too irritated then they will walk out.  At the end of the game you add up your tips, and lose cookies for every monstomer that walks out, or ever food item you waste.  Most cookies wins the game (and life really).

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So what do I think?


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The art is adorable.  I love the monsters they are so cute.  I also think this game is a great early intro to worker placement.  It is at its core the simplest of worker placement games, with just a hint of mess with your opponent.  I also appreciate the negative points at the end of the game for customers that walk out and wasted resources, it adds a bit more strategy to the game, that could easily devolve into a “grab everything you can always”.



While I really like the monsters, again they are so adorable, I am a little bummed that there are repeats in each deck.  I wish all of the monstomer cards were visually unique.

Edit: I am told that all monster art will be unique


This is the lightest of games.  While I think it will be good for young players, or non-gamers who are interested in trying out this “thing called worker placement”.  If you are looking for something that is complex or has lots of options, then this one will not be for you.

Bringing it all together

Harry’s place is a super light and simple worker placement game.  The art is adorable, though I wish there were more monsters.  It has a bit of strategy and some clever ways to force you to manage your resources, and is a good way to introduce people to the genre.  There is nothing deep to this game, so if you are looking for complexity this is not it.

Monsters get cranky if you make them read

* Super cute art

* Wish the monster decks had no repeats

* The simplest of worker placement games, not a ton of complexity

* Great way to introduce people to the genre

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