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The Hungry Gamer Reviews Trophies


Before I begin, I was provided a review copy of this game in exchange for an honest review. This is not a paid review. If you would prefer to watch a video review, you can check it out below. If you are interested in learning more about Trophies you can do that here.


When I was a kid the coolest thing about playing all the sportsball I played was getting a trophy.  Later on I learned that with only a few exceptions we were getting those trophies because mommy and daddy paid for them…but I do remember loving having them.  I also know that I was, despite my best effort not to be super excited to get a few trophies for the theatre company I run at the regions award ceremony.  What can I say?  Trophies, like bow-ties, are cool.

I was actually a little hesitant about Trophies at first.  It is, after all a word game, and despite the fact that I almost always enjoy playing word games, I never get excited about them until I am playing them.  In addition to that I could not imagine it being able to hold a candle to the delight that is Just One.  However, I am firm in my belief that almost all games deserve a fair shake so I dove in.

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The game play is super simple.  One player is the judge and they hold the stack of cards with the categories facing them, and a letter facing the players.  The judge picks a category and the other players shout out something that fits that category that starts with that letter.  The judge decides who spoke quickest and had the best answer.  They get the card. Rinse, repeat.  When the stack is empty whoever has won the most gets the metal trophy to hold up over their head, and the last place player gets the participation trophy card.

So what do I think?

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The Good

Simplicity itself.  The rules are clear, it takes under a minute to teach people how to play, and under 15 minutes to play a game.  I love that.  I also really enjoy the factoids on each card about various weird trophies in existence.  Finally I love both the metal trophy and the metal box it comes in.

Now.  The gameplay.  That is what we really care about.  It is a blast.  It captures the beauty of Taboo, and Just One, but turns it on its head making it a free for all competition.  It is just delightful, people get to be clever and foolish from moment to moment as they shout out pithy or moronic things as they try to be the first to shout out an answer.


The Middle

I do wish that there was a little more to the artwork on the letter sides of the cards.  They are a bit plain as they are.  

The Bad

While I love the metal box, the insert just does not QUITE work out.  The space for the cards does not easily let you return the cards to the box, they need a little finagling to get them in snugly.

Bringing it all together

Trophies is a delightfully fast, and simple to learn word game.  It is a fantastic party game, and is certainly a competitor to Just One.  It has fun little factoids about bizarre trophies on the cards, though the letter side of the cards could have some more interesting art on them.  The box is a wonderful metal box, though the insert is not quite right.  

Yeah…there is no trophy for writing that much

* Awesome word game
* Good components, box included
* Fast to learn and fast to play
* The insert is not quite perfectly sized, and the letter side of the cards could use some more art
* This game is every bit as delightful as Just One, just with a competitive edge to it, rather than cooperative. 
* Very inexpensive

Trust Me, I'm a Superhero

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