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The Men of Hawkshold

The Men of Hawkshold, Battleground Fantasy Warfare’s first faction

If you are looking for a fun tabletop game then The Men of Hawkshold, by
Your Move Games is for you.


The ancient alliance that binds together the Holds of Men was built around Hawkshold. When Orc invasion or outbreaks of necromancy threaten the lands, Hawkshold’s armies mobilize.  Yet the kingdom finds itself stretched thin, unable to meet all of its obligations.

The newly crowned Grand Duke has instituted sweeping reforms to replace the feudal army with a standing, professional force.  In the meantime he has recruited mercenaries all across the realm, from the mountainous highlands to the coastal cities.  The young Duke is transforming his realm at every level so that Hawkshold retains its primacy.

Hawkshold is a disciplined, combined arms faction. It has the flexibility to field a variety of armies.  Your Spearmen can be a redoubt for a strike wing of Lancers.  Or they can be the rampart protecting the Longbowmen who rain destruction upon your enemy. Or your Lancers can form the core a rapid attack force alongside Knights and Scout Cavalry.


The Men of Hawkshold faction has twelve units, the box set includes 76 unit cards.  As many unit cards are you are likely to need!  Also included is a deck of 30 Command Cards, which represent tactical ploys, acts of heroism, or mystical influences. These cards are drawn during the game and can be played on your units. Ten of these Command Cards are unique to the faction, representing Hawkshold’s use of training and complex formations. 

The faction has two special abilities, detailed on reminder cards. The Bravery ability instills your units with courage to face whatever foe comes their way. The Strategic Insight ability lets them draw additional Command Cards before the game, representing the faction’s diligent training.

The Men of Hawkshold box comes with Quick Start Rules, designed to get you playing Battleground immediately, and the Battleground Fantasy Warfare Main Rulebook.


Battleground Fantasy Warfare is a two-player (or two-side, if multiple players want to ally) tactical game.  Before the game, you build an army from the units in your faction.  Units have points cost and the total cost of all units can’t exceed the maximum points for each side.  A standard game is 2,000 points per side.

After assembling their armies, you will deploy your units and assign them Standing Orders.  You can give a unit the order to run forward and kill the enemy, or tell the unit to advance to the top of a hill and hold position, or concentrate fire on the giant monster on the flank.

 Once a unit has been given a Standing Order, the unit keeps the order until you change it.  Every turn you will get a number of Command Actions that can be used to change a unit’s order.  In a standard game you will have 4 Command Actions and between 6-10 units.  Seldom will you have enough Command Actions to do everything you want, so the key to victory is a solid plan and wise use of this limited resource.

You can also spend Command Actions on your faction’s special ability or to draw Command Cards, which represent strategic ploys, acts of heroism, or magical effects.  In this way Battleground rewards the player with the better strategy.

Once combat begins, you will roll dice to determine hits and wounds between the units.  The target number needed depends on your unit’s stats and those of the enemy it is attacking.  All stats are written right on the unit card and as damage is inflicted, you will mark off damage boxes on the unit.

 Taking damage can cause a unit to rout and once its last box is marked, the unit is destroyed.  Once you have destroyed or routed a little more than half of your opponent’s army, you win!

Quick Start Guide:

Rule Book:

You can find the full Rule Book here.


The Men of Hawkshold, Fantasy Warfare's first faction

Lore - 9
Art - 7.5
Componets - 7
Gameplay - 7.5


This is an anticipation rating. This rating is based on the information provided, not gameplay!

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