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Valve Has Been Busy; Steam Gets a MASSIVE Overhaul

Valve is constantly making alterations or adding features to Steam, the biggest gamingplatform in the world. But until now, most of those changes have had very little impact on the storefront – the first page you see when you launch Steam or go to in a browser. Back in February, Steam added a “Recently Updated” section nestled between the “Featured” and “New Releases” sections, but the overall layout of the page remain unchanged. However, if you happen to visit the storefont today, you’ll notice a rather drastic change, which Valve is calling the “Steam Discovery Update”.

According to Valve, the Steam Discovery Update was designed to make it easier to discover exactly what you want. It starts with the storefront itself, or what Valve is now referring to as your Home page. “Specifically, the new features at your disposal from the Home page include personalized recommendations based on your gameplay, reviews from your favorite community Curators, and powerful new search and discovery tools.” The featured games reel that has always been a staple on the the top of the page? Now you have the ability to customize it to your liking. By default everything is selected except “Games already in your account”, but the other categories you can deselect include: Top Sellers, Early Access Products, Recommended For You, Prepurchase, Software, and DLC for your games & software. Popular New Releases and Games round out the categories, but those can not be turned off. Below that reel, you’ll also notice customization options for the “New on Steam” and the “Recently Updated” sections.

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Steam Customization

Scrolling a bit further down the page, you’ll come across a new section that says “Explore Your Queue”. The queue this section refers to is the all new “Steam Discovery Queue”, presenting you with twelve games Steam thinks you may be interested in. Clicking on your Discovery Queue brings you to a game’s store page with four buttons: Add to your wishlist, Follow, Not Interested, and Next in Queue. Like the aforementioned sections, your queue can also be customized to exclude certain categories, like Early Access. Below that is a new Steam Curators section, which allows you to follow Steam Curators (“individuals, organizations, and groups that publish reviews and recommendations in a public forum on Steam”), and then see their recommendations on your storefront.

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Below that you’ll come across the four tabs for Popular New Releases, Top Sellers, Upcoming, and Specials; but this time around, the lists aren’t scrollable on the page. Instead, you click on the “See more” link at the bottom of each list to go to a new search page with the rest of the results. Those new results pages are part of a complete overhaul of Steam’s Search and Filtering system. The new and improved system allows you to search by name, tag, or description, or filter by multiple tags and features.

There are a bunch of other minor changes to the storefront and Steam itself, such as the new “Steam Recommendation Feed”, a new look for game product pages, and colored indicators for games in your library, wishlist, or cart. For a complete list of changes, check the source below.


Source: Steam








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