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Video Game: Ace Attorney 6 Trailer Reveals New Info

While the sixth game in the Ace Attorney game was announced some time ago, new information about it has come in the form of a trailer. With it comes new information about how the game will work, returning characters, and a release date.

12670802_614063918740888_8536233100809572624_nFirst off, good news for fans of the Phoenix Wright games: longtime companion Maya Fey makes her return! In fact, as the country Phoenix is visiting is deeply involved with spiritual channelers, and even shares the name of the village Mia, Maya, and Pearl are from, it’s safe to say she will play a big role in the upcoming game.


And going by the clip showing her under attack, it’s likely that Phoenix will have to defend her in court yet again.

Back in Japan, however (which will of course be localized to America once the game comes overseas) Apollo and Athena are continuing to run the agency without Phoenix as best they can. It appears that the game will feature both cases with Phoenix in this new kingdom of Kurain, alongside classic style cases with Apollo and Athena.

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aa6dlcThe game will also feature DLC outfits for each of the characters, such as Athena in a waitress outfit and Phoenix wearing a jacket similar to that of Furio Tigre (his imposter from the game Trials and Tribulations).

The Japanese release date was announced as June 9th, 2016. There is no word yet on an English version, but you can watch the full trailer below.

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