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Video Game: Kirby: Triple Deluxe

Kirby is back in “Kirby: Triple Deluxe” for the 3DS. This takes the classic Nintendo platformer and adds some 3D elements, while still maintaining the familiar feel of a Kirby game.


Before you ask, there is nothing particularly “triple” about it, the title is a play on 3D and a previous Kirby game, “Super Deluxe,” which was changed to “Kirby Super Star” in the English release.



The story is as simple as any other Kirby game for the most part. A mysterious vine, called the Dreamstalk, has pulled Kirby’s home and Dedede’s Castle to the sky, where King Dedede was captured by a spider-like creature called Taranza. So it’s up to Kirby to travel through multiple levels, eating enemies as he goes, to defeat whatever bosses may get in his way.


The game itself plays like one would expect. You control Kirby through a series of levels where he eats anything in his path, taking on new powers and abilities. However, putting it on the 3DS allows for some new additions to the gameplay, including characters moving between the foreground and background, and players having to tilt the 3DS from side to side to move objects on screen. These additions do not detract from the gameplay, and enhances the experience while the 3D graphics are used nicely.

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In the main story mode, there are a handful of new abilities for Kirby, such as a bow-wielding Archer, a Circus form involving leaping through hoops of fire and inflating giant balloons, and a Leaf form that, well, has spinning bladed leaves Kirby throws around. The biggest new power, though, is the Hypernova form, which is granted at various points in the levels to bring Kirby’s inhalation to high enough levels to eat just about anything, no matter how large.


Outside of the story mode, there are a few additional ways to play. Kirby Fighters is a series of Kirby vs Kirby fights, similar to Super Smash Brothers in a way, which can be done with multiple players. Dedede’s Drum Dash is more rhythm-based, with King Dedede jumping from drum to drum to catch coins, but requires a good sense of timing.

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After clearing the story mode, players can unlock The Arena, a boss-rush mode familiar to the Kirby series. Along with that is Dedede Tour, a time attack mode with Dedede instead of Kirby.


The game is available on the Nintendo eShop for the 3DS, and it may be easier to find it there; minimal copies were shipped out to game stores, in order to encourage eShop purchases, though the price is the same either way. Still, there is much to be said to owning a physical copy of the game, as there is for being able to access it directly from the 3DS menu.



While “Kirby: Triple Deluxe” may not be the most innovative game one can find, it’s still a fun addition to the series, that does well with what it has. It may be familiar to fans of the series, but it has enough changes and new additions to make it a good purchase.

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