Marvel Comics

Ken’s Comic Ramblings #15: 100% Organic Bullsh*t

Welcome to Act II of “The Marvel Players Present: A Midsummer Night’s Journey Into Cultural Irrelevance”. For those coming in at the Intermission, we left off on the tragicomedic scene of the Duke Alonso holding the accursed Blade of Straightwashing over the bearish corpse of Hercules. Now we just have to see on whether the …

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Ken’s Comic Ramblings #11: Fear The Young Blood

Well, after a week off to celebrate that, for all the horrid racial issues, the systematic breakdown of the middle class, the disintegration of our education system and so many other problems, America can be pretty good now and again, we come back to our favorite industry. And boy-oh-boy, have Marvel and DC announced some …

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It’s learned that following Secret Wars, Kelly Sue DeConnick will be off the Captain Marvel Carol Danvers series. The news shouldn’t come to that much of a surprise as the series has been not selling well for some time. DeConnnick made the news be known yesterday at the Heroes Con panel. “So hard to go, …

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The Original Sherlock Holmes and his Baker Street Irregulars