Dr. Esker’s Notebook Is A Puzzle Game You Don’t Want To Miss

Dr. Eskers Notebook by Dave Dobson is a card game perfect for the puzzler in your life. We recently have the opportunity to review the game, and have to say it was very fun and had us stumped a few times.

You can learn about Dr. Eskers Notebook in our previous anticipation article here.


Dr. Eskers Notebook is a fun travel size puzzle card game perfect for fans of sleuthing and solving. The puzzles vary in difficulty and may have you stumped, which is a highlight in our eyes for a puzzle game, I mean who wants a puzzle game that you can figure out in mins? The small size of the game makes it perfect for traveling, as it fits easily into an average sized pocket. The game can be played solo, or with multiple players which made it a fun one to break out during a slow time on game night.

There are 73 cards in the deck, 10 solution cards and nine puzzles across the rest of the cards. You layout your solution cards and your different puzzle stacks. Starting with one puzzle you work your way through all nine to win the game, and let us say that some of the puzzles will test your wit and sleuthing skills. Also you may want to have a pen and paper near by for taking notes. When you think you have solved a puzzle it will reveal a number sequence that when you flip over the solution cards in order will lead you to the next puzzle.

The Good:

Dr. Eskers Notebook has a great theme, perfect for a puzzle game. The art on the cards is great and lends itself to the theme perfectly. Some of the puzzles are simple enough, but others will have you thinking for sure and that is what you look for in a good puzzle game. And the price point is great, the game is only $14.99 and provides hours of fun. You can tell that Dave Dobson put a lot of time into Dr. Eskers Notebook as it shows once you start playing. We also want to mention that not having a standard scoring system was good for our emotions as we did not feel bad getting hints from their website 😉 Another fun aspect of the game was that the puzzles were different types IE: word, shape, number.

The Not So Good:

The only “not so good” to Dr. Eskers Notebook is that once you have solved the puzzles, there really is not any replayability to it. If given enough time you may forget some of them and replay it, or simply replay it for fun to see how fast you can solve the puzzles but once you know the nine different puzzles it may be a shelf sitter.

Be sure to head over to the main site and order yourself a copy today!

If you prefer, The Hungry Gamer did a great video review you can check out below:

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