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ConReview: Paradise City Comic Con

Paradise City Comic Con happens in beautiful Miami, a perfect place for cosplay, photographs and neon nights out with excellent food and great friends! This con is well run and makes sure attendees of every fandom have a piece of the action! They provide an awesome experience for everyone! PCCC brought it big with a …

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Art: Game Of Thrones Dating Profiles

Check out this fun infographic from the folks over at, which shows “Dating Profiles of Game of Thrones Characters.” Here is a fun infographic that we have created that takes a look at what the Game of Thrones characters dating profiles might look like. View the dating profiles for Game of Thrones characters such as Jon …

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Comic: Watch DC Art Academy Presentation For Tony Daniel

Check out the two latest DC Art Academy Presentations featuring artist Tony Daniel from DC Entertainment. Welcome to the DC Comics Art Academy, a series of art tutorials recorded at Comic-Cons featuring many of the gifted and unique artists working for DC today. In today’s installment, Damage artist Tony Daniel discusses his brand new series while drawing …

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Art: Wonderful Art From Jeremy Fenske

Have a look at this incredible art from Jeremy Fenske. Gotham Knight a batman fan piece!   Tataouine-ish sketch Sketch done during a live stream watch video for full process while listening to bad music/try to keep up with the chat/talk about my process. AND JAWAS!!!   Below the Canopy Personal piece inspired by the new …

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Culture: Incredible Food Photography

Foodscapes by Carl Warner

I don’t know about you but I g33k out over food and food related things all the time. That’s why when this article from was sent in I had to share some of this incredible food photography from the U.K. If you want to see more be sure to head over to Foodscapes by Carl …

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Imprint City Presents: Bayview SPARC

The art and music scene of San Francisco is part of the cultural landscape, when one visits the city, the sights and sounds of new and exciting displays and performances abound. A visitor could hardly go a few blocks without seeing some mural, band or performance. Many trips though have been cut short around the …

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Food: Check Out Awesomely G33ky Kitchen

Check out this awesomely g33ky kitchen with an island made from LEGO. This Lego kitchen island and matching chair were created by Parisian design duo Munchausen, also known as Simon Pillard and Philippe Rosetti. How long did that take? Truth is that the designers actually bought a ready-made kitchen island and covered it in Lego bricks (and …

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Culture: Awesomely G33ky Wooden Bookmarks & Clocks

Check out these wonderfully g33k wooden bookmarks and wall clocks from Etsy seller SovArtGift. The bookmarks will run you about $10 while the clocks vary between $23-$30. Bookmarks: Each bookmark has a few color options: Dr Who: Batman: The Force Awakens BB8: The Hobbit:   Wall Clocks: Each clock has a few color options: Doctor Who: Nightmare …

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Culture: New Diamond Comics PREVIEWS Exclusives

Diamond Comics Distributer has some great new PREVIEWS Exclusives, check them out below. Thanos Mug and Infinity Gauntlet: You won’t have to scour the Marvel Universe any longer as the Infinity Gauntlet features all six Infinity Gems affixed to this statue. This stunning reproduction of the Marvel Universe’s powerful artifact may not have the power to …

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Film: Star Trek Timeline Infographic

Check out this infographic from that shows the timeline for when the different Star Trek TV series and movie take place. We’re getting excited about the new Star Trek series “Discovery” coming sometime in 2017. Originally set to be released in January and then May of this year, we are still waiting to see …

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