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Candlekeep Mysteries Coming to Dungeons & Dragons

Wizards of the Coast has announced a new adventure collection coming to Dungeons & Dragons: “Candlekeep Mysteries.” This new book will feature seventeen adventures, providing new mysteries in the world of D&D. Candlekeep is a major location in the Forgotten Realms setting. Both a library and a fortress, it’s filled with books and scrolls containing …

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‘Candlekeep Mysteries’ Revealed as New Upcoming D&D Release

A few days ago we got word that the first ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ book of 2021 has been announced but had very little information about the upcoming release. What we did know what that it will be a hardcover, priced at $49.99, and that it will be officially revealed on January 12th. Well…the mystery has …

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