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Game: Check Out The New Ataribox

Check out the new Ataribox, Ataris’s first new system in over 20 years. The Ataribox is set to come in two styles, one that is an ode to the original and another that is red and black with a front glass panel. The system will have an HDMI port, four USB ports, and support SD cards. Not …

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Game: The 4th Planet: Drone Operator Coming From Folimage

Folimage, a french animation studio, is gearing up to release their first video game “The 4th Planet: Drone Operator.” The game is set in 3D real time and is targeting both adults and teenagers alike. In the game player will play a NWTM employee named Carole. As you progress through the the game players will solve puzzles using “various points of view and …

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Game: Star Wars Battlefront Revived?

As a huge fan of the original two battlefronts I was initially disappointed when I heard what was going on with Star Wars Battlefront. So I sat down and decided to try out the open beta this last weekend. Amazingly I was not as disappointed as I thought I would be.

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