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Event: Imprint City presents Bayview Sparc 2017

   For one day only, Imprint City is uniting many of the local San Francisco, Bayview area Burning Man tribes together to bring some of that experience to the neighborhood they call home. This is an exciting opportunity to experience some of the excitement of the Burner’s celebration in a local bay area location. Costumes, fire …

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Review and Gallery: Fanime Day 1

Fanime tends to be a con about cosplayers, and their friends getting to hang out. This Fanime didn’t deviate from that formula and we started our first day capturing a lot of fantastic cosplay in the outside area’s. The line problems from previous years were mostly taken care of although some attendees did have issues, …

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Geek Meet at the Slidebar in Fullerton

On Sunday night, I hit up the Geek Meet with SkullDouggary over at the Slidebar in Fullerton. It was an interesting event with a lot of things for people to geek out on. The bar has a really interesting set up so there were multiple rooms designed to fulfill each of your geeky needs. There …

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