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ID10T Fest: A Retrospective

A week has gone by between the time that we stepped into the brainchild of the Nerdist, ID10T and now. As an inaugural event, it was unforgettable, imperfect but still something special I would like to make it back to. Both days were jam packed with things I wanted to do, unlike some conventions I …

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Fashion: Adorkable Mermaid Swimwear

Get ready for summer with this adorkable Mermaid swimwear from Etsy seller Figment Clothing. Rainbow Ombre Mermaid: Pink Ombre Mermaid: Black Rainbow Mermaid: Blue Ombre Mermaid: Purple & Teal Dark Mermaid: Red & Black Ombre: Green Ombre Mermaid: Koi Mermaid: Neon Rainbow: Be sure t head over to Figment Clothing for these and more.

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