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EventReview: Indy Mad Max Run

The 3rd Annual Indy Mad Max Run blazed through the streets of Indianapolis like a boss 30 April, 2016! Hard core, rain impervious apocalyptic bikers manned/womaned up and rallied despite icy wet rain, cold wind and the raincoat wearing, umbrella carrying, ‘why you riding today’ naysayers. Their costumes were almost like Fury Road 2. These …

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Toywars Lists SDCC Exclusives for Preorder

Toywars.com listed up some of the SDCC exclusives for preorder. This means that if you aren’t going to SDCC you can still catch some of the coolest toys and comics from the most coveted convention of the year. I will have to say that the newest Black and White Harley statue is already on preorder …

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