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VOL 3: Blood and Fire Killer Comics is back with an even more explosive threequel ! From film maker/creators Duncan Cunningham and Aaron Cassidy, alongside their  Killer Comics team comes Volume 3 of the acclaimed dark and gritty crime thriller “Crucifix Executioner.” Known for their cinematic storytelling and badass artwork to match, Killer Comics presents BLOOD AND FIRE. Fans …

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When Fashion & Comics Collide: Hunter Haute

With fashion week taking place, I thought that this would be the perfect time to interview my friend fellow geek blogger Kosi Harris, about her fashion inspired web-comic HUNTER HAUTE. Also coming from a fashion background, I was super excited to check out a fashion based comic book! Not only will comic book fans enjoy …

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The Hero of our generation: Is’Nana: The Were-Spider

  Is’Nana: The Were-Spider Is’Nana: The Were-Spider is a new and impressive mythological/ horror graphic novel series about the son of the Great Spider God, Anansi. This indie comic is the perfect combination of traditional folklore and modern day superheroes. Written by Greg Anderson-Elysee, and inspired by the West African and Caribbean folklore (Anansi); Is’nana: …

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Why JUSTICE ANGEL is so important for diversity

“Sworn to fight for justice  New York has a new hero”   “Justice Angel” is an independent Martial arts/ adventure comic book series created by Tiffany Dang. It’s a tale about loyalty, family values, honor, fighting for justice and protecting the innocent. So what makes this story so special? Justice Angel can be literally anyone!! …

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Upcoming Comics: JUSTICE ANGEL

UPCOMING COMICS NYCC EDITION: “Sworn to fight for JUSTICE New York has a new HERO” At this years NYCC I had the pleasure of meeting Justice Angel Creator and writer, Tiffany Dang. As President and Publisher of Artemis Entertainment, Tiffany’s goal is to write inspiring stories that are both thought provoking and entertaining. Tiffany actually began her …

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Upcoming Comics: OKEMUS

ARTIST TO CHECK OUT: Next up is Taylor J. Sterling, President, creator and lead artist of Red Arcis Entertainment (RAE Comics). From collecting comics and growing up with a passion for art and storytelling, Taylor decided to move from his small-town home in Grand Rapids Michigan to the East coast to finally pursue his dreams of becoming a …

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Upcoming Comics: DWEORES

  ARTIST TO CHECK OUT SDCC EDITION: The next artist featured in this series is California developer, and designer John Ottinger, whose well-crafted 3D Figures immediately caught my attention. The Dweores booth alongside High Fly studio consisted of limited edition playing cards, statues, comics, prints, and even custom blue-tooth speakers! John excitedly described his creation …

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Interview: Art of Allen Panakal

Allen Panakal Art (Artist:  Designer: Illustrator: Geek) Last month I attended Comic Con International: San Diego, where I met many mega talented artists! I decided that I wanted to feature new upcoming independent comic books! Artist To Check Out SDCC Edition: One of the artist that stuck out to me was digital/ traditional artist Allen …

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Zero #5 Review

Ales Kot takes everything you thought you knew of Edward Zero and flips it all around in one issue. It will be a long wait until Issue #6.

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