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Ken’s Comic Ramblings #13: Legion of Confusion

I have never been one to think that continuity impedes good stories or prevents new readers from jumping in. Books like Starman, Grant Morrison’s Batman or Valiant Comics’… err… The Valiant have shown that, under the proper direction, continuity only enhances the quality of a book. Having said that, there is one franchise that could …

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Harley Quinn Convergence #1 Review

 Harley Quinn Convergence came out this week. Harley Quinn fans rejoice as we are brought back to Harley’s roots and the new 52 Harley seems to disappear for at least a little bit. Harley Quinn fans for a while have been screaming to see the classic Harley Quinn back into the comics. Harley came into …

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Review: Nightwing #30

Well, I did an article on the release of Grayson, so I guess it’s appropriate that I examine its first issue.   “But wait,” you cry, “Isn’t this the last issue of Dick Grayson’s last series?”   “No,” I reply, “This is very much the first issue of his new series, in spite of the …

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