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ConReview: New York Comic Con  2017 Gallery 2

New York Comic Con 2017, amazing beyond belief! Clowns, Mad Hatters, Nova Corps members, Harley Quinn’s, Batman and calls of ‘who killed Kenny’ filled the air this past weekend in the Big Apple. Trailers, panels, interactive booths an artist alley were nothing but spectacular and full of freebies and hilarious antics. Almost 20 artists were …

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ConReview: New York Comic Con  2017 Gallery 1

New York Comic Con  2017 is in full swing with freebies, photo booths, artists and guests stepping up, impressing the crowd and trending upward. Cosplay is hot, creative, mashed and sometimes so accurate you think it’s really the actor looking at you! So much to see and so little time (it seems), to do or …

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