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Film: Season 6 Game Of Thrones Recap-Rap

Watch this new season 6 “Recap-Rap” from Ras Kass. In this video edited by Rico Lee @unrealRico, Ras Kass recaps the events of last season while pondering future implications over a & instrumental track called ‘Game Of Thrones Hip Hop instrumental Beatz Aggressive Violin’ by BuTcHeR PRODUCTIONS .Be prepared for all to come on July 16. …

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Interview: Nerdcore Artist MC Frontalot

We recently had the opportunity to collaborate with DaRealWordSound on an interview the one and only nerdcore artist MC Frontalot. Check it out below: Bio (From his website for those that don’t know who he is): MC Frontalot (née Damian Hess) is the original mastermind of Nerdcore Hip-Hop and still its Final Boss. Front was …

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